How a New Drug Made Bones Stronger, But Increased the Number of Fractures?

On April 13, the Journal of American Medicine published a study showing researchers administered it a drug known as zoledronic acid to help strengthen bones in older women said fractures augmented reality.

Dr. Susan Greenspan, professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh was the author of the study.

In her research, “Two striking findings emerged.” He said

First he was able to improve bone strength in both bones of older women giving the medicine too as well as the most robust elderly. Secondly there was no correlation between these bones stronger and apparently the number of fractures of the acquired material.

Greenspan said: “First, we wanted to see if the frail elderly could even tolerate this kind of treatment, and whether it would improve bone density, however, had expected to see a positive trend of fewer fractures But.. in any case, there were more fractures in the treatment group. “

did counter” that could well be just a chance finding. ”

The pharmaceutical truth is not always work the way they are intended.

The truth is that we know that one of the best ways to protect your bones is not through the use of pharmaceutical drugs, but to operate within a strict diet that contains all the necessary components to have more bones powerful.

What a researcher was able to show was when the body is deficient in vitamin K2, osteoporosis was more likely to be found.

Part of the reason is because Vitamin K2 is absolutely essential for several processes that remove calcium from the blood and bones and teeth to which they belong.

It has also been shown to help reduce the incidence of coronary disease because it pulls blood calcium preventing arterial calcification.

is important to note that in many cases dependence on drugs to treat a health problem is too little too late.

It does not mean they are not useful.

However, working to prevent problems the first time is usually a treatment regimen advisable to carry out.

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