Horse is domastick animal. What I did not realize was just how much a horse could teach me about me -.! Plus a small amount of time

After spending half a day on horseback Far farm horse with my good friend and colleague, Paul Haefner and partner, Elizabeth Siegert, I am impressed by the incredible ability of a horse needs reflect back to me my own “stuff” – fears, limiting beliefs, strategies to relate to others, and strengths. Horses are very intuitive and therefore provide a mirror that does not judge; besides that mirror, I was able to see patterns (some effective and not more effectively) I’ve used in my life

In elementary “exercise” (of all exercises are performed in the unassembled floor ;. involved), who had been instructed to introduce ourselves to each and every one of the three horses from the ring. The first was easy – stretched out my hand forward, I used my “Okay dear” high-pitched voice and let the horse come to me. We are bonded. The second horse was practically the same thing. (Paul wondered if this is how usually get visitors to answer if you ask me – gently as an alternative to the strongest … hmmm, good question)

However, his third -. Ah, it is not easy. I saw the big horse with a missing who showed no interest in me, which kept eating your lawn when I used my techniques tried and true-and I was stuck eye. I felt the concern ( “it is dangerous”) rise within me and after a minute or two of “treating” I backed off.

In the second exercise, they had reached asked are a team that will put a harness around one of the horses. As the “leader” of my team, which, interestingly, it seems that the horse “dangerous”. And every time we approach, he walked away, another piece of grass to stay for lunch. One time and another. I wanted to give that up. (Same as before – you would like to be repeatedly rejected ??!). I was “sure” that the horse would never allow us the advantage. And I feared, whenever we kept trying, though certainly attack us.

Luckily, I recognized this irrational fear. I recognized a pattern in me to look to “give” himself if things get too hard; when I am against something that I decide is “very scary”; or when I’m afraid I’ll fail (or why not be rejected in some way). Having consciousness allowed me to talk to my team, “we will approach it with confidence No more beating around the bush ;. You can forget to give the message that we are ambivalent and confused about ourselves Let us recognize that we seriously here. ”

And what happens? On that turn, the horse responded. He allows us to put the harness on him and the man still stood there for a short time with us once I was in

A great lesson for me personally :. My reaction to this horse represents some of my own, personal reactions in their daily lives. When faced with opportunities or goals, it is very important to have clear what I want and act with intention and purpose. When my thoughts and actions will be in the lineup, I’m more likely to achieve my goals and move towards my dreams.

Very often, many of us go about life not act in the “alignment”. We can say that “really” want something (to lose weight, use a more fulfilling career, or save quality time with children money), however, did not act with purposeful intent. We have no plans for her and do not go for it full-on. We do now in an insipid, perhaps “this-will-happen if-I-luck almost way Our actions do not reflect what you said that we would like our mind -.. With their fears, our ambivalence or our mental blocks -. “trick” us into believing that we can not get it done, or to stop opting for it for reasons uknown

I’m so grateful to this beautiful horse one particular eye for teaching – not only in my cognitive through a “body” experience consciousness -. a very important lesson that will teach me as I come to my hopes and dreams

copyright (C) 2009 healthy bodies, happy Minds

Karen Schachter, a psychotherapist and coach focuses on helping girls and some women find peace, food and wellness with food and their bodies. to receive your FREE CLASS AUDIO lateral tilt your daughter: 5 ways to feed your self-esteem and help feed your body and soul with the delicious head care of himself

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