Honest Beauty – Jessica Alba’s Skincare Cosmetics?

honest beauty was created by Jessica Alba as a way to meet the needs of many complexion the skin. This is our opinion.

honest What is beauty?

honest beauty creates products that are for a variety of skin textures, colors and ethnicities. Many lines of skin care focus on your complexion and overall skin issues. This is a great way to approach your usual skin care, but companies skin care does not take into account the needs of their ethnicity. Someone with an African American background will not have the same needs as someone who is Latino. Finding the right balance can be difficult, but honest beauty is able to help.

The honest beauty was founded by Jessica Alba, an actress known for her roles in Fantastic Four, honey, and have never kissed me. His goal for The Honest beauty is produce various skin care to suit the needs of skin care user. With this goal in mind, a wide selection of products from skin care to every person who visits the website.

The company is responsible for the creation of various types of products, helping to start with skin care and ends with placing the finishing touches to her makeup. All honest products are designed to work together, giving the smallest of risking an outbreak of acne constant changes in his regime opportunity.

About honest beauty products

Honest professional products are created, meeting the highest standards of honest beauty. Makeup artists, cosmetics, scientists and professionals in the beauty industry all have contributed to this massive product line. All can be divided into two categories -. Skin care and makeup

Skin Care

products skin care for the honest beauty may seem that they are like any other company. However, there are several types of cleansers and moisturizers that can adapt to your preferences, or challenge to try a new regime. These are the products offered by the Skin Care Company section:

    • Clean Refreshing Cleansing Gel ($ 18.00)
    • Refreshingly clean cleaning powder ($ 22.00)
    • refreshingly clean soft Konjac Sponge ($ 12.00)
    • refreshingly clean makeup remover Wipes ($ 10.00)
    • refreshingly clean makeup travel Remover Wipes ($ 8.00)
    • Jar refreshingly clean cleaner dust + Glass ($ 22.00)
    • high hydration Mist ($ 16.00)
    • Dependably Clear Oil free Moisturizer ($ 22.00)
    • honest beauty even brighter ™ All Hydrating days ($ 34.00)
    • younger face Deep Moisture Cream ($ 34.00)
    • Magic Balm ($ 18.00)
    • young eye Cream ($ 28.00)
    • beyond protected daily beauty fluid SPF 30 ($ 28.00)
    • beyond the beauty of liquids daily protected Oil SPF 30 ( $ 28.00)
    • beyond Beauty Fluid protected Daily Tinted SPF 30 ($ 2
    • high hydration Mist ($ 16 o’clock )
    • Magic Balm ($ 18.00)
    • All Primer ($ 27.00)
    • travel Kit ($ 45.00)
    • the gel Depuffed Eye ($ 32.00)
    • leaves Dependably Clear Blot ($ 9.00)
    • face case ($ 30 00)
    • Jet Set ($ 24.00)


The honest beauty does not skimp on makeup. You are able to get everything you need for a new look at any time of day. With multiple colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the right combination of colors for your skin tone. There are products for the skin of the face, lips, eyes, and all the places that are normally applied her makeup. Here are some of the exciting products that you can look forward to this company

  • face makeup
    • Duo Concealer, $ 20.00 (available in 5 colors)
    • Foundation All cream, $ 30.00 (available in 8 colors)
    • All Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20, $ 28.00 (available in 7 colors)
    • All Moisturizing Oil SPF 20, $ 28.00 (available in 7 colors)
    • All primer, $ 27.00
    • Luminizing powder, $ 25.00 (available in 3 colors)
  • Eyes
    • Shadow Trio, $ 25.00 (available in 6 colors)
    • true Eyeliner Velvet, $ 16.00 (available in 6 colors)
    • Brow stuffing, $ 15.00 (available in 4 colors)
    • indeed Lozano Mascara + Lash Primer, $ 22
  • Lips
    • indeed Kissable lipstick – Demi-mate, $ 18.00 (available in 6 colors)
    • indeed Kissable lip Crayon – Sheer, $ 18.00 (available in 6 colors)
    • lip gloss, $ 18.00 (available in 6 colors)
    • retouching clutch, $ 25.00 (available in 2 colors)
  • Cheeks
    • Creme Blush, $ 22.00 (available in 6 colors)
    • Luminizing powder, $ 25.00 (available in 3 colors)

free trial for new customers of honest beauty

Perhaps you are not sure whether the products are honest to you, which is understandable. It can be intimidating to try a new line of skin care, especially if you know that your skin is likely to have a negative reaction. Fortunately, the honest beauty understands your concerns, so they offer three different test packages. The only thing to cover is the rate of $ 5.95 shipping.

The test period lasts only seven days. After seven days, you will need to either cancel the test or allowed to be enrolled in the monthly subscription. The subscription costs $ 50 per month, regardless of which of the packages you decide to choose. Your subscription will get three products per month, you are able to customize. You will also receive two samples in the case of each month.

The trial package is based on your skin type. Here are the different trial offers you can choose from:

balanced skin

The balanced skin pack is designed for people who have normal or combination skin, and helps achieve a texture soft and flexible. The package includes a gentle yet effective cleanser, moisturizer moisturizer profoundly illuminating the skin and sunscreen to protect your skin from the aging effects of UV rays.

In addition to the products of skin care, also it receives the first and all the lip gloss Trio. The trio infused with Granada by a rich color. The game comes with vegan leather bag to store everything on.

Dry Skin

package dry skin has the same type of products such as skin balanced package. However, the specific product fits your skin type. The cleaner is the same, but the moisturizer that you receive is to deeply moisturize, and is advertised as an anti-aging product. The sunscreen is available dyed to give your skin a rosy glow, which holds protected.


The oily skin package contains the same cleaning product as well. However, the moisturizer is specifically free of oil, thereby preventing clogging of pores with more oils. Sunscreen is also free of oil.

contact The Honest Beauty

If you have more questions about products or an existing order, you can call (888) 678-8873 to speak to the department of customer service . The offices are open 05 a.m.-5 p.m. PST. The customer service department is only open from Monday to Friday.

If you want to send your question outside normal working hours, the best option would be to send an email to the company in [email protected]


Honest Beauty offers a wide variety of products to help consumers easily find the right shades and formulas to keep your skin.

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