Homeopathic treatment/remedies for Measles

Measles is an infectious viral disease that occurs most often in the late winter and spring. It starts with a fever that lasts a couple of days, followed by a cough, runny nose and conjunctivitis (pink eye). A rash starts on the face and upper neck, extending from the back and trunk, then extends to the arms and hands and legs and feet. After about five days, the rash fades the same order it appeared.
Measles is highly contagious. Infected people are contagious from about 4 days before the rash starts to 4 days later. The measles virus resides in the mucus of the nose and throat of infected people. When you sneeze or cough, droplets spray into the air and the droplets remain active and contagious on infected surfaces for up to two hours.
Cause of Measles

Measles is caused by a virus. The infection is spread by contact with droplets from the nose, mouth or throat of an infected person. For example, sneezing and coughing can put contaminated droplets into the air. Symptoms usually appear 8-12 days after exposure to the virus. This is called the incubation period. People with measles typically have a fever, cough, redness and irritation of the eyes (conjunctivitis), and a rash that spreads. Those who have had an active measles infection or been vaccinated against measles have immunity to the disease. Before widespread immunization, measles was so common in childhood that most people had already suffered from the disease before age 20 Although the number of measles cases declined in recent decades to virtually none in the US .S. and Canada, rates have begun to rise again recently

Symptoms of measles:

  • Fever
  • bloodshot eyes
  • Tiny white spots inside the mouth (Koplik spots)
  • photophobia (sensitivity to light)
  • eruption
  • Pain throat
  • runny
  • Cough
  • muscular pain
  • usually appears 3 to 5 days after the first signs of the disease
  • can last 4 to 7 days
  • usually starts at the head and spreads to other areas, lowering the body
  • may appear as flat, discolored areas ( macula) and red solid, raised areas (papules) that later togetherItchy
  • will join

and homeopathic treatment for measles:
homeopathy treats the person like an everything. This means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person as well as his pathological condition. Homeopathic medicines are selected after a thorough examination of individualization and case analysis, which includes the patient’s medical history, physical and mental constitution, etc.

Following homeopathic medicines have been found effective in many cases of measles

aconite. [Acon]
Aconite is one of the first remedies for measles; ie while the case is presumed to be one of measles and cough hard hoarse, squeaky they are present. ferrous phosphate in many respects is similar to aconite, and will take place in the restlessness and anxiety are wanting. It’s questionable whether Aconitum is always strictly indicate in any disease depending on a poisoned or infected blood condition, since in its pathogenesis shows no evidence of such a condition; however, it may be indicated in catarrhal irritation, sneezing, etc., before the case can be fully determined to be measles. In aconite longer catarrhal conditions of use after exudation has taken place, and so on measles; It would no longer be useful after the fever was modified and the rash appears and measles disease is diagnosed. ferrous phosphate may be the best remedy if there is participation in the chest with catarrhal symptoms.

Gelsemium. [Gels]
Gelsemium is generally more useful in the beginning of measles I aconite remedy; ie indicated more frequently; there is a lot chills, fever is a prominent symptom, the child is discouraged, apathetic, do not want to be disturbed; There aqueous coryza, which criticizes the upper lip and nose, and is not hard, hoarse and squeaky cough with chest pain and hoarseness. Gelsemium also has an action on the skin and can continue to benefit after the rash has appeared; there is itching and redness of the skin, and a decidedly measly eruption produced by him. It has some pain in the extremities, and can be compared to Dulcamara, but rarely confused with that resource. Gelsemium has more coryza, Dulcamara more pain. Both can be useful in a rash undeveloped; Gelsemium when there is pain at the base of the brain, high fever and cerebral symptoms liabilities; Dulcamara when registering, moist and fresh air, rainy weather or sudden changes. Belladonna may be indicated in measles when sore throat is present and cerebral excitement that indicates that the remedy, along with moisture and heat; but it is more suited to scarlet fever.

Euphrasia. [Euph]
When catarrhal symptoms largely predominate Eufrasia can be used. acres tears flow out of the eyes, with conjunctiva red and swollen. The cough is dry and hoarse, and there is an intense throbbing headache, which is relieved by the appearance of the rash. The excoriating discharge from the eyes to be distinguished from Allium cepa. Euphrasia photophobia worse in artificial light, and a sparkle in his eyes despite the catarrhal condition is characteristic.

Bryonia. [Bry]
This remedy comes in well when erupciónaparece late, or has an irregular development, and when inflamatoriaenfermedades accompanying chest. The cough is dry, painful, there is pain in the limbs and body, stitches in the chest, etc. Spasms of suppressed measles when the child is gripped with great laxity ydebilidad, spasms of the muscles of the extremities or individual or if sonprecedida deep and violent spasms of coughing and breathing oppressed. Respiratory complications for a number of remedies may come into use. Sticta, Sihaya present a dry, incessant spasmodic, worse cough when acostadohacia down and one night; It is a tease, exciting cough. The dry consu phosphorus, exhausting cough with oppressed breathing. Rumex with his short tickling cough bronchial worse by cold air. Sundew with suferina-like cough. All these may be indicated in measles. cebadilla is the remedy when the catarrhal symptoms including sneezing violentosasistido there with frontal headache. It corresponds to some epidemiasy should not be overlooked.

A little later in the disease symptoms Pulsatilla can make their appearance. The fever has diminished or disappeared altogether. There coryza and profuse tearing. Coughing is still dry overnight, but loosens a bit during the day. The child feels coughing. There is much predisposition to disease earache and sometimes in the stomach. Where the digestive tract and diarrhea Pulsatilla cold were found useful. Eyes coalesce and discharge is purulent. Kali bich is so similar to Pulsatilla in many aspects that can be mentioned here, as the two remedies seem to differ only in intensity. Kali has bichromicum developing pustules on the cornea. The throat is inflamed and there is catarrhal deafness. a rash that resembles much measles occurs. It comes in handy after Pulsatilla when the patient develops severe symptoms. Measles symptoms associated with ear and swollen glands called especially for Kali bichromicum, and is one of our best remedies for laryngeal conditions, with a hoarse, dry, hoarse and squeaky cough. Dr. Jousset recommends Viola odorata cough. Sulfur is a great remedy against measles. It is useful when the skin is dark and the rash does not come out, or purple when it appears.

In measles, which have a favorable course with malignant type or black or hemorrhagic measles that have two or three important resources. The first is Arsenicum. There will be the sinking of strength, diarrhea, delirium, restlessness and weakness, petechiae and symptoms of typhoid fever in general. Feces are particularly offensive and exhausting. Arsenic can save the patient in these conditions. Dr. Gaudy, Brussels, considered almost specific Arsenicum in measles. He says his action is nothing short of wonderful. It is prophylactic and curative, and one of the best remedies to eliminate all the consequences of the disease. It corresponds to the insidious phenomena of severe epidemics of measles. Crotalus may also be indicated in the form known as black measles. Baptisia also with its stench and prostration, can be useful. Lachesis is the fourth remedy for these conditions. The individual symptoms of each remedy them apart, but all four should be studied carefully in these low measles conditions.

Jimson weed.
When the rash does not come out correctly, or when it disappears suddenly and severe symptoms appear, there are some remedies that play a more important role. Stramonium is one of these. In one case they are asking these symptoms: no onset of rash; the child is hot, restless sleep and shouts as scared; There convulsive movements and face is red. Cuprum indicated in turmoil due to the recession of the eruption. It has the same terror upon awakening, but its symptoms are violent movement that Thorn Apple and face instead of being red is more likely to be blue. Zinc has the same waking from sleep as if terrified, but zincum there is much weakness, the child seems too weak to develop the rash. Bryonia is useful when symptoms appear on the chest in a delay or recession of the eruption. too slow development of respiratory symptoms rash requires. tartaricum antimony is another remedy for delayed or repelled eruption. There will be great difficulty in breathing, sound of mucus, bluish or purple face, drowsiness and tremor.

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