Homemade Walnut Scrub Recipe

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DIY nut ​​Recipe Facial Scrub

walnut and apricot scrubs are the bushes most popular on the market sold several brands so just thought if I could mix a homemade version walnut scrub. After a lot of contemplation that gave it a try and the result was pretty good. I collected some of my favorite ingredients and put them all together and the result was this fragrant bushes. By going through the ingredients of a popular brand of walnut scrub I was surprised to see that the exfoliating walnut contained the nut, but the particles were actually shell. Here dirt in this recipe homemade nut scrub will make use of both pulp walnut and nutshells to reveal supple, glowing skin clean hiding under the dead cells, makeup residue and settled.

Why use Walnut On Face

nuts or Akhrots are loaded with omega-3 helps skin retain moisture by blocking moisture in this scrub helps achieve the wrinkle free skin ever longed for. Nuts also contain vitamin E, an antioxidant that will make the skin soft and supple. EFA in walnuts also help in the fight against inflammation and other skin problems such as acne and psoriasis. I hope now you realize why scrubs are so popular commercial nut.

homemade walnut scrub

The recipe requires

Like any other home scrub this scrub also consists of an exfoliating substance, recording medium and fragrance, to learn more about how to make homemade exfoliating read our complete guide in it.


Amla Juice

Nut 1 no. (Grind to paste)


vanilla essential oil

large bowl

sterilized container to store the brush

The recipe to make homemade scrubs nut for cleaning skin glowing

the first step in achieving this exfoliating facial DIY is the preparation of our main ingredient happens nutshells be in this case. nutshells grind until fine particles, not turn it into a fine powder are preparing an exfoliant here and not a face pack. Preferably mixed with honey raw honey, nut paste and add the juice of Amla (Indian gooseberry juice). amla juice is known to have anti aging properties and also closes the pores. The best way to use Amla for glowing skin is to drink Amla juice every morning on an empty stomach.

Returning to the weeds, once they have mixed all three ingredients well pour the mixture into a jar, now finally add a few drops of essential oil of vanilla and stir to mix oil in its exfoliating nut.

Using Facial Scrub nut

Take a small amount of weed in scope and start scrubbing your jaw line gradually moves upward. Gently rub the face for no more than 7 minutes. Leave the weeds for 5 minutes and then rinse.

This all-natural homemade walnut scrub for face will exfoliate the skin that is fresh and clean, remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and tighten pores Amla. Throughout the debugging session you can enjoy the lovely fragrance of vanilla essential oil.

Advantages of using the Walnut

This exfoliating walnut DIY is perfect for testing weekends because certainly consume some of your precious time as that makes it worth trying is the fantastic effect that makes skin.

1. This nut exfoliating exfoliate the skin leaving it clean and fresh

2. Amla give anti aging skin.

3. nut paste will moisturize the skin.

just tried another version of walnut scrub, enriched with vitamin E oil and goodness of oatmeal, it is simple, fun and yes of course, effective.

Recipe Oatmeal DIY Walnut

have already shared a recipe for body scrub recipe with oatmeal here, but I had never used a facelift, I did now I’m sure to use it again.

is very simple to make unlike the previous one, which requires an extra effort to work up nutshells, in this recipe I’m using walnut coarsely ground lightly.

The ingredients are

1/2 cup oatmeal

1/2 cup ground nuts

safflower oil or any oil carrier of your choice, sesame, sweet almond, olive oil will do all just perfect.

1 capsule of vitamin E oil

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, squeeze the contents of a capsule of vitamin E in the blend and mix once again, transfer the batch to a jar and do not forget to label it. Massaging this scrub on the face and neck, then rinse. Apply moisturizer after.

If you have your own recipe for walnut scrub, then I’m anxious to meet her. Share it!

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