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sexual Weakness: One in ten men today suffers from sexual weakness or erectile dysfunction. When a man can not maintain his erection long and strong enough to satisfy, that might be suffering from erectile dysfunction. This also comes with the decreased desire to engage in sexual activity. In short, sexual weakness is a problem in which men lose their erection due to premature ejaculation or decreased sexual desire.

Erection occurs due to a convincing blood flow in the penis. Mental and physical stimulation causes the brain to signal the fibrous tissues in the male organ relax, allowing the flow of blood to her.
When blood is trapped, the penis erection resulting contracts. When the penis, can not accommodate the blood, leading to insufficient erection.
What causes sexual weakness

Underlying medical problems or psychological conditions can lead to sexual weakness.

  • Men who suffer from obesity, diabetes, decreased blood pressure and heart disease can suffer a range of symptoms including impotence and erectile dysfunction. Besides these, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, metabolic disorders and atherosclerosis have a direct effect on the sexual and reproductive performance of male ‘that may cause sexual weakness.
  • excessive alcohol intake and consumption of snuff may develop symptoms of impotence, including erection problems.
  • The inability to achieve erection can happen to those who have undergone surgery for prostate cancer.
  • A certain level of stress and depression can also lead to weakness in sex between men.

remedy for sexual weakness: –

  • Natural Remedies to remedy sexual weakness can be easily done by men at home. And these include the following techniques:
  • The use of epimedium has been found to be an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. This has the ability to minimize the effect of a particular enzyme that limits the flow of blood from the penis.
  • Gingko biloba is another herb that can treat erectile dysfunction. This acts to improve blood circulation in the penis which results in longer erections.
  • Leave snuff consumption and improve blood circulation cigarettes. Minimize alcohol intake can also be beneficial to improve blood flow not only in the penile area, but throughout the body.
  • Good diet improves the functioning of the body. To reduce the effects of erection problems, eating fish, turkey, peas, papaya, cantaloupe, beets, oranges, bananas, dates, apricots, prunes and raisins can help.
  • Exercise to treat sexual weakness

There are certain exercises you can do to relieve symptoms of erectile weakness
start and stop method :. To do this, by stimulating the penis and stop before completely excited. When the excitation decreases, continue stimulation of the penis until orgasm is reached. The improvement can be achieved when every day is done for about 4 months.

also helps to exercise the pelvis and carry out the squeeze technique. To do this, pinch the tip of the penis before ejaculation.

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