Home Remedies to Soothe Leg Cramps and Restless Leg Syndrome

According to the Mayo Clinic , night leg cramps are involuntary, painful contractions or spasms leg muscles, usually happens when you’re in bed. In addition to the sudden, sharp pain, you can also feel or see a hard lump of muscle tissue under the skin.

restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a condition in which you have an uncontrollable urge to move the legs. usually due to leg discomfort

can disrupt sleep – leading to daytime sleepiness – and make the difficult journey. Simple self-care measures and changes in lifestyle can help.

soap under the sheets

Many people posting to forums online health trust this home remedy, saying, unwrapped bars of soap they cured their nocturnal leg cramps.

So if you are suffering from cramps nocturnal leg or (restless leg syndrome) SPI, maybe I should try placing a bar of soap under the leaves near her feet. Although science has yet to prove that these treatments work, what have you got to lose?

Perhaps releases soap something in the air that is beneficial for those predisposed to this condition, with the sheets working to contain useful emissions into the area where they are needed

Note :. Dr. Oz suggests lavender soap because it helps relax muscles with its natural aroma. If you are going to put the soap on his bed, which is natural with a fragrance based on essential oil.

For those who have been unable to obtain relief with treatment soap, we suggest you persevere and try one of these natural remedies:

home remedies to soothe Leg Cramps and restless legs syndrome

apple cider vinegar

mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a glass of warm water. Drink once a day to prevent muscle cramps.

black strap molasses

Add a tablespoon of black molasses in a glass of warm milk. Within minutes you will get pain relief. If necessary, you can drink this solution once again.

drink fluids

Drink one or two glasses of water immediately after cramping. Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day to prevent cramps

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