Home remedies to get rid of the hangover easily

The best way to protect yourself from a hangover is to drink in moderation and be aware of the risks involved in consuming a large amount of alcohol. Some studies suggest that the type of alcohol you consume may also slightly affect the severity of your hangover.
Compounds associated with the fermentation of alcohol, called congeners, are related to the increase in hangover symptoms. They are found in larger quantities in dark liquors such as bourbon and whiskey, than in light-colored liquors such as vodka or lighter beers. So a darker drink can result in a harder hangover. In addition, experts recommend not drinking on an empty stomach, which could make the hangover worse.
Eat to beat it
Here are some remedies to help you deal with your hangover: Alcohol can affect the absorption of certain nutrients in your body. Excessive alcohol consumption has been linked in some studies with a decrease in the levels of vitamins A and B, zinc, potassium and other key nutrients, but eating the right foods may play a role in their replacement. Vitamin A can be found in eggs, meat, fish and orange and yellow vegetables, such as sweet potatoes. Proteins, such as chicken or fish, contain B vitamins. Asparagus is rich in zinc and a B vitamin called folate.

Animal proteins are a good source of zinc, as well as nuts, whole grains and beans. Avocados or bananas may offer an increase in potassium.

Invest in a sip
The easiest way to deal with hangovers is to stay hydrated. Consume plenty of water, coconut water, drinks and soup to eliminate all alcohol from your system. If you wake up with a hangover, drink generous amounts of water immediately.

The National Library of Medicine of EE. UU It even suggests having a glass of water between the alcohol to prevent hangover. In turn, this can help you drink less alcohol and decrease dehydration.

Ginger acts as magic to reduce nausea and vomiting. Take a small piece of ginger and chop it.

Honey can also do wonders to overcome the harmful effects of alcohol. Mix a spoon full of honey in a glass of water and make funds up.

Sleep and give your body some rest after a wild night of drinking. Nothing beats the hangover like a good long nap. .

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