Home remedies to control annoying intruders in your home

Home remedies to control annoying intruders in your home.

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI / KIDK) – They are creepy, tense and, for some of us, they are simply frightening. The worst part is that they are coming out of hiding.

As summer approaches, we will see more insects trying to enter our homes.

Marquee Rasmuson, the manager of the Colling Pest Solutions office, said: "Spring is a huge part with stray spiders, we are seeing a lot of that, and very soon, we will see earwigs, centipedes and ants. weather ".

Rasmuson said there are some home remedies to help control the insect problem, including the following methods:

Preparing a bowl of water and mixing it with dish soap can help attract and trap mosquitoes.

Putting a glass of wine will work the same.

Mixing apple cider vinegar with dish soap will help catch and catch flies.

Preparing a beer bowl is good for catching slugs.

Rubbing the peppermint oil is useful to keep spiders away.

Although these tips are useful, they are not a permanent solution and, according to Rasmuson, there is a more effective way to keep insects out of your home.

Rasmuson said: "As far as this is concerned, there are many different theories that work and many of those things can be effective, but the problem you are with is: how long is it effective?"

"We always try integrated pest management, which means there are different ways to control insects and pests, chemicals are just one of those ways, placing traps is a mechanical method, when we talk about the interior of houses, there are different things you can do, it only depends on the situation of your pest, spraying is one of those techniques. "

As of now, there are two major pest problems in eastern Idaho.

Rasmuson said: "Stray spiders, at this moment, everyone is preparing for that, the homemade traps are filling up with them, we have already received notifications from many people who have been bitten." Ultimately, the biggest problem we are watching, and we have been seeing for many months, are bed bugs. "

If you are starting to get itchy and are not sure if it is dry weather or bed bugs, there is an easy way to check your home for pests.

If you suspect that there are annoying intruders in your house but you can not see them, a black light could help you detect what your eyes can not see.

Something to remember about bedbugs is that they are not easy to eliminate on your own.

There are two ways to get rid of them effectively: with chemicals and with heat.

If home remedies do not seem to be solving your pest problem, contacting an exterminator might be the best solution for you, Rasmuson said.

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