Home remedies to beat the common headache

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – "Headaches are so common, I would say that probably everyone has experienced headaches and many people have them at least once a month," explained Dr. Genevieve Brauning with the Family Physicians of Novant Health South Park.

Relief is available before resorting to a prescription. The pressure and the terrible tension can make you feel terrible.

First, it starts with the administration of what makes it more likely to have a headache according to Brauning.

"Some of that can be lack of sleep, lack of sleep, muscle tension in the neck or shoulders can cause tension headaches and even hormonal changes in women can contribute to headaches," said Brauning .

She says she should start with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and even with caffeine or a supplement.

"Magnesium is a supplement that people can take during a severe headache that will break that headache," said Brauning.

If he still can not find the relief he needs, Brauning says some patients turn to acupuncture or acupressure, which uses pressure points in his body.

"There is great evidence of acupuncture and tension headaches," said Brauning. When it comes to acupressure, she says it's something harmless that people can try, although the studies are not as extensive.

If your headache makes you sick or sensitive to light, you may be dealing with something more serious.

"He's more likely to have a type of migraine headache and that's something we would try a little differently and something he wants to talk about with his doctor," Brauning said.

If you use a ponytail, a hat or even swimming goggles, those are things that can be too tight and could also contribute to headaches.

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