Home Remedies for Sweaty Feet

Having a sweaty feet can not always be related to higher temperatures or exercise. If you suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, then it may be time to find a way to control the problem. Sweating feet can disrupt normal life activities and can even cause social anxiety and embarassement.

sweaty feet

hyperhidrosis and particularly in the feet occurs when the sweat glands produce more sweat than necessary. If you get sweaty feet a couple of times a month or on a daily basis, home remedies is a great treatment of hyperhidrosis to help reduce foot odor and excessive sweating.

Natural Treatment for excessive sweating

The first remedy:

Prepare a tea soaked by the addition of a number of 4 to 5 tea bags in a bath of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes, then place your feet in this bath after obtaining the proper temperature for half an hour.

Repeat this bath twice, you wait a day for a week to reduce sweating for a long time.

The second remedy:

Pour into a bowl of large amounts of warm water, then add to it two bags of henna (preferably not colored in order not to color feet), then start stirring until completely melted to form henna paste as mud, soak your feet in the mud for 45 minutes, repeat this remedy once every 3 months.

The third remedy:

Buy at the pharmacy 200 grams of boric acid, put a small teaspoon of it in their shoes before using it for two weeks, you will find that the unpleasant smell of sweat disappear from the feet and also shoes.


  • avoid socks that are made of synthetic fibers and wear socks pure cotton
  • .

that’s all

These remedies work for both palms and sweaty feet, tell us your experience?

above information has been examined by a doctor and the main purpose of it is to increase the cultural awareness of herbal and natural treatment. With that said; It is not a substitute for consultation with a medical specialist as the sole guide for exact individual analysis. For more information on the sources that the content above is an extract of favor ( click here ).

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