Home Remedies for Overflow Incontinence (involuntary drops of urine)

Overflow incontinence is the inability to empty the bladder completely, causing the involuntary loss of urine, often in the absence of any urge to urinate. In addition, this type of urinary incontinence occurs when the bladder does not contract while the sphincter contracts.

The two common symptoms are involuntary small drops of urine and inability to control urination. However, overflow causes of incontinence are many, including weak bladder muscles prostatitis , chronic constipation (faecal impaction ), narrowing of the urethra urinary tract infection s , lesions of the spinal cord sclerosis diabetes and other diseases that damage the nerves.
overflow incontinence

Home remedies for overflow incontinence

The first remedy:

Put a good amount of brown ground pepper in a small cotton (3 cm square bag), press this bag with a bandage on the navel and replace it every day, for a continuous week.

The second remedy:

Cut a Ginger root and soak it in a cup of ethanol, before going to sleep. Dip a piece of gauze in this ethyl alcohol (soaked Ginger root inside) and rub the center of your abdomen, just below the navel for a minute or two, repeat this process every night before going to sleep for five days.

The third remedy:

Fry 15 grams of nuts + a large spoonful of Nigella sativa + five red dates (without the bony core) over low heat, while stirring rapidly until the color turns light brown . Eating this meal twice a day until full recovery.


  • Avoid: refreshments – tea – coffee – Alcohol -. synthetic
  • sweeteners

  • Physical exercises :. Forcing the bladder to urinate voluntarily

That’s all

In chronic cases, incontinence must be medically diagnosed in the case of an underlying problem .

above information has been examined by a doctor and the main purpose of it is to increase the cultural awareness of herbal and natural treatment. With that said; It is not a substitute for consultation with a medical specialist as the sole guide for exact individual analysis. For more information on the sources that the content above is an extract of favor ( click here ).

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