Home Remedies for Head Lice in Children

The steady growth of any child will make it more active. In this type of situation parents can not be there at all times with their children, especially when they reach the stage start their education. Playing could make collect parasites which may escape the attention of their parents until they begin to show their damage. Head lice are parasites that commonly attack among such children. These are the insects that lay their eggs on the hairs close to the scalp and school children are usually affected by these insects. If you notice that your child is getting lice, this does not necessarily mean that your child is dirty or that are not responsible enough. It is so easy to have the hair of these insects infected with child and usually most families have once. However, the good news is that treatment of these insects is very easy.

Home Remedies for Head Lice in Children

bites head lice can be very itchy and can cause a lot of discomfort to the guest. The scalp may also have been infected scratch however it is a little comforting to know they are quite harmless and do not spread disease.

Some basic facts about head lice you should know

shape and body size

These insects are about 2-3 mm long. They do not have wings, but they have 6 legs that tore at their ends. They do not jump or jump, but they can crawl very quickly. Since they are able to move on the scalp, to them it is often difficult. With the way his legs are structured, they can cling hard to locks of hair and move quickly.


lice mature very quickly and after 2 weeks after birth are also capable of reproducing. It is the female lice and eggs from each female can lay up to 150 to 300 eggs. Eggs that are fusiform are whitish and firmly attached to the hair strands. The appearance of these eggs is a sure sign that a child has been infected with head lice.

Feeding and special requirements for survival

Lice survive by feeding on the blood of its host . They find the heat generated by the scalp of their host very conducive for them and reproduce very fast. They find it difficult to survive elsewhere, but in a human head. If you are head lice in bedding, carpets, or anywhere else, a human head, who are old, sick or dead.

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