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For many, a few points of light colors can dance through their cheeks, while some skinned individuals could spend days counting the number of freckles on her body. They are not an indication that something is wrong or part of a disorder – is simply a genetic trait. When you want to lighten their “points” deal considering the natural approach of using home remedies for freckles.

What are freckles?

Freckles are pigmented skin cells that are a part of their genetic makeup – especially if you were born with fair skin. The pigmentation is quite common when people are young (before entering puberty), but many adults have freckles on her face. Small individual dots are usually tan and contain more melanin (pigment) other skin cells. They are a completely normal phenomenon, but tend to darken with excessive sun exposure.

Freckles are commonly found in the nose and cheeks of the body, but also appear on the shoulders, arms, and other places that are exposed to the sun.

Some people have freckles fade almost completely in the winter and return in the summer. Freckles other people do not change much with or without the sun and can be seen throughout the year. Freckles also tend to disappear as people age. Whether it is freckled or not, be sure to wear sunscreen and follow other sun-safety rules.

The causes of freckles

simple and freckles freckles sunburn are the two basic types that can arise. Freckles are typically simple tan, round and small – that is about the size of a common nail head. They can also be reddish or brown lightly colored. This type is often hereditary freckles and favoring certain physical properties such as affect many people with red hair and ruddy features.

freckles Sunburn (also called lentigo simplex) are often darker and show the irregular jagged borders. Some can reach a larger than a pencil eraser size. This type of freckles often appears in the upper back and shoulders, where most people tend to develop severe sunburn.

Remedios Peca Home

For some people, they can not escape their freckles, but can still diminish their appearance natural skin lightening techniques using common household ingredients. By adopting different lifestyle and opt for natural treatments, the following home remedies for freckles might actually be useful:

Vitamin C:

increased vitamin C can help reduce freckles appear throughout your body. You can take supplements or adding more foods rich in vitamin C in your diet, such as oranges, grapefruit, or orange juice. Vitamin C reduces freckles to make your skin less sensitive to sun exposure.

sour cream:

Get rid of freckles to apply to the face sour cream. Keep the remedy for a few minutes, then wipe gently with tissue. If you want your skin to stay fresh and supple, rub on a moisturizer after treatment of sour cream.

Masks fruit:

By making face masks, use the fruit (such as strawberries, cucumber or apricot) to treat freckles.

Sour Milk:

The lactic acid in milk can effectively lighten pigmentation in the skin without causing dryness. The use of sour milk as a daily face wash or rinse can gradually lighten the darkness of freckles and make the skin smoother.

Stay out of the sun:

One of the easiest home remedies for freckles is to avoid sun. If you have to go outside on a sunny day, save your trip until after the maximum UVA house 10 a.m.-4 p.m. When you go outside, reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Lemon juice:

lemon extract offers effective natural whitening results. Use your fingers to apply lemon juice, which can help lighten freckles slowly. For smoother skin results, you can continue with a mixture of olive oil and vitamin E after putting in lemon juice.


Onions have been proven to effectively treat freckles and other marks on the face. Cutting a red onion in half and rub on the freckled skin once a day.


Warmed honey has been known to treat unwanted freckles. After heating the honey, add a small amount of wheat germ and apply gently on the skin with your fingers. Follow by washing with warm honey water, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.

vegetable juices with creams:

To gradually eliminate freckles, mix the juices of fruits and vegetables (such as lemon, orange, parsley) with your favorite skin cream, and then applied to unwanted stains.

slather on sunscreen:

sunscreen is an important part of the fight against unwanted freckles. Its use throughout the year is recommended. You can use sunscreen as a moisturizer before putting on makeup. Choose products that offer at least an SPF 15. Sunscreens help prevent future freckles, discoloration while they already have. People with very fair skin should opt for even higher SPF of 30 or 50. Put sunscreen on your hands every day also will protect you from the harmful rays while driving.

Wear a hat:

Wearing a hat when out is a good way to prevent associated freckles sun exposure. The brim of the hat should be wide so that it provides shade to the nose. You should wear a hat even on sunny winter days and cloudy days because UV rays are still present.

Castor oil:

Apply castor oil on the skin before going to bed to remove freckling of the skin.

Vitamin E:

increase the intake of vitamin E or rubbing in a cream with vitamin to reduce freckling.


After grinding some yellow mustard seeds, add to milk to create a mask you can treat freckles overnight while sleeping. In the morning, wash and the longer this, faster daily regimen is repeated will start seeing slowly lighten unwanted marks.

Turmeric and sesame

A remedy made from turmeric paste, ground sesame seeds, and small amount of water can help fight freckles. Apply the paste on the skin as a way of coping with large patches of freckles.

driving gloves:

The use of driving gloves can help protect your skin during travel car and prevent darkening of freckles hand.

watermelon and rice

Put a hole in a watermelon and place rice grains inside. Leave the fruit as it is for one week. Take it out and make a paste of the contents. Apply your freckles.

shirts with long sleeves

To ensure that the freckles on his arms do not accumulate, wear long sleeves whenever you can. Clothing offer more protection for this part of your body than solar protector. This is especially true if you plan to be outside for long periods of time.

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