Home Remedies for Flatulence Please!

This is the time of year that people often experience a variety of digestive disasters. You never know what surprise awaits you after a potluck dinner or a party with friends or family. This person learned the hard way that the gas was a consequence of an apparently tasty.

P visited the family of my wife and I last Christmas was in the fruitcake. I have never experienced such gas in my life. It was all he could do to keep farting in the presence of my in-laws. It is very right people and such a lapse would have been considered with a lot of disdain.

We are visiting again this holiday and needless to say I’m not eating fruitcake. However, I am in fear that there might be something waiting for me to do. These people are in some pretty exotic foods so it is not uncommon to see Jerusalem artichokes, quince and celeriac and turnips served.

Since I can not refuse to eat these crazy things they need ways to protect myself from flatulence. Please help!

A. We feel your discomfort. There is nothing worse than finding you’re bloated and gassy and can not miss the unpleasant pressure.

unfashionable Amargo:

There are a number of home remedies for flatulence, so they are not totally without resources. We would like to start with bitter. If your in-laws have alcohol in the house to also have some bitters (for Old-Fashioneds, Manhattan or Rob Roys, for example) in the wet bar. Try to take one to four teaspoons of water selzter after a meal.

Fennel tea:

Another traditional home remedy for flatulence is fennel tea. If there’s some fennel in the spice rack, crush a teaspoon of seeds with a spoon and then pour hot water over the seeds and let stand for five minutes. Sip once the tea has cooled.

Want to see how these home remedies for flatulence work? There is a video at the top of this page to provide further details. Just click on the arrow.

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