Home remedies for dark lips

Dark lips can be easily treated to some degree at home with some simple and effective methods that are not expensive or take time. You just need to follow them religiously to get the desired results.

Lemon – The use of lemon juice every night before bedtime will help to lighten the color of your lips, the bleaching quality of the lemon will help reduce the darkness and the use of this remedy for months will provide the desired results.

Lemon and sugar Using slices of lemon with sugar to scrub rough and dull skin every night before sleep will also give you the desired results. The best way is to rub gently with circular movements and wash with warm water, the second step will be moisturizing with olive oil or Vaseline for better hydrated and pink lips.

Beet root – Beet is available everywhere, so applying the beetroot juice night on the lips will not only help you remove the darkness from your lips, but it will also help you absorb a little red beet and make your lips look rosier and healthier. Try this with carrot juice too, this gives amazing results.

Pomegranate Using crushed pomegranate with cream of milk and a little rose water every day and gently scrubbing will also give you amazing results. This not only helps to whiten the dark color of the lips, but also rehydrates and moisturizes the skin of the lips so that it is fresh and pink with health.

Olive oil- Virgin olive oil is an excellent moisturizer and has all the benefits of essential nutrients that help your family to be healthy. If you use olive oil massage on your lips every day, you will see how vibrant and pink your lips are!


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