Home Remedies for Common Fever

Often people ask what are the causes and most effective remedy for common fever. Fever is basically a reaction of the body to resist and injuries or any kind of diseases that can affect the body. Fever can be a sign of a disease that comes along that can affect the body, therefore must be taken seriously. The fever can be extremely dangerous and worrying for many people, because it can affect a lot of tissues in the body.

Fever can be caused by any medical condition, such as cancer, any lung disease, a common virus or any other medical disorder , which may be the case of a temperature increase above normal, shown in the body without difficulty. Is the function of the hypothalamus which is a part of the brain whose function is to control body temperature. The body temperature is slightly higher in the afternoon and a little lower in the morning.

Home Remedies for Common Fever
home remedies for common fever

a home remedy very common is the use of certain oils which are available in the market. These oils have a mild effect on the body and help regulate body temperature and eliminate any simplex virus residing in the body.

The use of coffee aromas is another

  • remedy very simple and effective home in treatment of the common fever. Its use not only gives relief but also tends to enhance the immune system and therefore is very suitable for health.
  • Can tea using saffron as this mixture has some completely rejuvenating properties.
  • You can easily prepare this by adding about ½ teaspoon of saffron in boiling water and thus adding a little milk. This is indeed one of the best ways to get strength in times of cold or fever.
  • may also use some raisins for this purpose. Soak raisins in lucid around 2o warm water and then you can allow them to be suspended for more than an hour. Rinse excess water and then can consume these.
  • fresh apricot juice is also considered to be efficient when recovering from a problem.
  • can also go for grapefruit juice. These can be very valuable and apart from supporting their thirst these are active agents that can fight against several agents causing virus in case of common fever. You can consume with a glass of water.
  • Oranges are also considered suitable if you have fever and common reason for this is the content of vitamin C in it. These not only give you the necessary energy, but at the same time they also provide some immunity and resistance essential for the body’s immune system in order to oppose a common cold.
  • Water treatment is another important remedy that can be undertaken. You can make packs of cold water and they will help bring the temperature back to normal. Evaporation of water causes the body temperature sinks back to normal.
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