Home Pregnancy Test

The presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) confirms the pregnancy of women. A pregnancy test detects the presence of hCG in urine. This hormone is secreted at a given time in the uterus. According to medical research, normally This releases the hormone after six days after fertilization. The level of this hormone increases gradually in the woman’s body after fertilization. It’s really great that home pregnancy tests are able to identify the presence of this hormone only after menstruation cycle first pass. The level of this hormone becomes high between the second and third month of pregnancy.

Home Pregnancy Test

Sometimes hCG is not detected in step initial, since it has not reached a sufficient level. In this case, you have to test pregnant again after a few days. Some pregnancy tests are more expensive and sensitive rather than simple pregnancy tests. This means that sensitive test can detect even a small level of the hormone hCG in the urine. normal tests can identify the hCG level only after a certain stage. The unit of measurement for hCG is mili International. The test sensitivity can be detected through box pregnancy test.

right time to use home pregnancy test

Before visiting any doctor, be better to use pregnancy test. You can take this test on the same day missed menstruation cycle. pregnancy tests are not one hundred percent reliable, but they are good in 97 percent of cases if done correctly.

right direction using the home pregnancy test

You can use this test at any time, but early tests may be the reason for inaccurate results. In the early stages of hCG is not secreted properly. You should not drink water or any other liquid in large amounts before making this test. Before this test, do not forget to follow the instructions on the box. The instruction may vary with different brands. The price also varies depending on the different brands.

The initial concept for each tester home pregnancy is the same. They are used to measure the amount of hCG in the urine. But there is no doubt that every pregnancy testers have different application methods and different visualization techniques. Therefore, it is necessary to read the instructions to confirm pregnancy. Check the signals given by the positive or negative pregnancy. In most cases, result is divided into three categories.

First category confirms your pregnancy. Second category is negative that ensures that you are not pregnant. Neutral third category is the stage in which the test is not sure about the result. In this situation, you should consult with your doctor. It is not difficult to perform this test. You can easily perform this test, following the simple instructions. In most cases, you can confirm your pregnancy within five minutes. Time may vary depending on the different brands. You can notice a single line of negative result and two lines of positive pregnancy outcome.

is home pregnancy test is accurate or not?

If this test is done carefully, then it is 97 percent accurate. Just add a few drops of urine on the tester. After five minutes you can notice significant changes with the tester. pregnancy test is more accurate over time. If you are unsure about the accuracy then perform the test a week later again. It would be best to buy two kits purchase together. If one is not accurate then you are experimenting with other few days later.

These tester home pregnancy are available in various brands and all brands are equally good. Some testers are available in pairs. You can buy pair would be more profitable for you. These pregnancy testers are readily available in drug stores. It is very rare tester shows that pregnant even if you are not pregnant. It may be possible to show negative results, even if you are pregnant.

In some cases, the time delay may be due to other reasons. Each cycle of delay does not mean you are pregnant. Sometimes, birth control pills affect their regular periods. In this situation, you are not sure about the correct date of menstruation cycle. According to medical research, the test result is more accurate if performed early in the morning.

Blood tests to confirm pregnancy

Blood tests are carried out in health centers to confirm the pregnancy. These tests are 99 percent accurate. Mistakes are always possible, but their percentage is almost negligible. If you do not want to opt for the pregnancy test at home, then a better solution is blood test health centers. Blood tests are divided into two categories.

First blood test is quantitative in which the correct amount of the hormone hCG is measured in your bloodstream. It can also detect the exact stage of pregnancy. The other is qualitative blood test that detects the presence of hCG hormone their exact amount. This results in a yes or no answer is obtained. It not detect how far we have come in pregnancy. This is your choice which test to perform. Most women opt for quantitative blood test.

blood pregnancy test is also carried out like other blood tests. First they will clean a point on the arm with the help of alcohol. Then they will insert a needle into his arm. Blood is taken in the needle. After this blood for the presence of hCG in the clinical laboratory health test. Sent the result within two or three days. Thus, blood tests are performed to confirm pregnancy. blood test can detect pregnancy only seven days after ovulation. There is no doubt that the blood test is more accurate compared to the pregnancy test at home. Both tests have their benefits. This is your choice which test is the best and most dear to you. pregnancy tests are very common in North America. But now these testers are easily available in India too.

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