Home DIY remedies for beautiful skin

Whether you have acne or pigmentation, opacity or tanning, skin problems can be treated effectively. All you need are some natural ingredients that you can get from your kitchen at a cost that is half and even lower than that of the creams with chemicals found in the markets. You just need to know what to use for each problem. Of course, skin care may seem a boring routine. But, your skin is your responsibility, so you need to learn to take care of it. Only when you invest time and a little effort can you get the benefits of beautiful skin.
Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain shares some proven home remedies for healthy and smooth skin.

Fruit packages It adapts to all skin types. Mix grated apples with ripe papaya pulp and banana puree. Apply it on the face and let it act for half an hour. Wash with running water.

Boil neem leaves in enough water over a low heat. Cool and strain. Make a paste from the neem leaves and apply daily. Wash after 30 minutes.

An important ingredient for eruptive conditions such as acne is Tulsi or basil. It has germicidal and antiseptic properties and also helps to calm the rash. Apply it in the same way.

A "pick-me-up" mask can leave your skin clean and shiny. When the skin looks dull, mix lemon juice And egg white and apply it on the face. Wash with water after 20 minutes. Then, apply a compress to the skin with the cotton pads soaked in cold rose water.

Use a facial scrub twice a week. It helps to clean the pores and lighten the skin. It also helps to discourage and dislodge pimples. Avoid peels on pimples, acne or rash. Make a facial scrub with walnut or almond powder and a teaspoon of rose water and curd. Apply the mixture on the face and let act a few minutes. Then, rub gently, with small circular motions, washing with water.


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