Hollywood Smiles Review – Does Viatek’s Teeth Whitening Pen Work?

When it comes to feeling good about yourself and your appearance, one of the most significant drivers of confidence is pearly smile white. Most people have the misconception that a smile can only be achieved through expensive laser treatments at your local dental office or through poor quality teeth whitening products in the store. If you are looking for an alternative to these solutions, then you need is Viatek Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Pen .

The Viatek Hollywood Smiles Teeth whitening pen is all you need in a simple device to get a whiter and more vibrant smile . Here’s all you need to know about this device before making a final decision:

About Viatek Hollywood Smiles Pen

Teeth Viatek Hollywood Smiles Whitening Pen is a small ingenious device that is shaped like a pen. The device allows you to get a dazzling white smile from the comfort of your own home. The importance of this device and that makes it such a successful alternative to visit your dentist is that this device uses the same technology. The only difference is that instead of paying more than $ 200, you pay $ 19.99 this solution one teeth whitening.

As you can see, the Viatek Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Pen is a deal.

About enterprise Viatek

You know you’ve come through a high quality product reliable and you can trust when the brand behind it is a recognized world leader in the development and marketing successful products. Viatek has been in the business of product development for years and their products are frequently appears on HSN, QVC, TSC, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Home Depot, and even Amazon.

As a result, when you buy Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Pen, you can be sure that you are getting a successful and effective product that works for you and your needs teeth whitening. Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Pen is one of the most recent projects of the brand and to date, has helped thousands of people achieve a whiter, brighter smile. The product is offered by many providers Viatek.

Therefore, one can find Viatek Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Pen on the website of the brand, Amazon, other online retailers or even shops in their local areas. The price remains the same regardless of where you decide to buy the product.

The Viatek Difference

There are many great qualities to this pen to whiten teeth, but one of the most significant is the result it produces. Tooth whitening Pen is one of the fastest ways to achieve a whiter, brighter smile ways.

In just one hour after applying the solution to your teeth, you will notice your teeth become whole four white tones. To get an idea of ​​what “four tones” means, just watch the back of the product packaging. The rear of the container has before and after pictures of the difference. You will find that if teeth whitening pen Viatek compared to other products, capabilities whitening pen are much more pronounced and significant. No other product on the market is able to provide such substantial results and outstanding.

The characteristics of each Kit

When you buy Viatek Teeth Whitening Pen, receiving the teeth whitening kit. The term “kit” can be used freely here. The kit comes with a .34 fl. oz. whitening pen. Inside the teeth whitening pen is the solution after removing the pen cap it applies to whitening teeth. While the kit does not designate the number of applications each teeth whitening kit includes, it is safe to say you have to buy a new kit from time to time in order to keep teeth white.

Using the pen

Another great quality of this product is its ease of use. It is unlikely to come across a product that has such a simple application. In using the pen, simply remove the cap and apply the solution to each tooth using the tip of the pen. The tip of the pen allows you to apply the solution accurately and quickly.

Once the solution is applied, you will notice that after an hour, your teeth will appear four white tones. The whitening gel lasts a few days and then have to reapply the product. The time frame for the duration of the solution really depends on the amount of solution applied to the teeth. Most people only need to use a thin layer to achieve results.

An output from trays of strips

Teeth Whitening Pen Viatek is intended to be a comfortable and simple product-and it really is just that. You can take the Viatek anywhere and apply the solution throughout the day. Moreover, the product is one of the best and most convenient departures from dental trays or strips, which are difficult to use and a challenge to maintain.

There are no special instructions when it comes to store your Pen Viatek. You can store in your purse, car, at home, or anywhere. Only advised that the marker is kept out of the hands of children.


Finally, if you are interested in buying the teeth Viatek Hollywood Smiles whitening pen, then you should visit the website of the brand or an online retailer as soon as may be possible. pen supply tends to decrease rapidly, especially due to high demand and popularity. For example, there are only 3 in stock on Amazon. This gives you an idea of ​​how popular and successful this pen actually.


Generally, teeth whitening pen Viatek Hollywood is an excellent investment. You can achieve a brighter and more beautiful smile with a simple application and an hour of your time. The pen also comes in a handy little package, which makes it easy to carry and store with you on-the-go. To buy the pen, just visit a store in your local area or online retailers. At a great price and excellent results, there’s really no way to go wrong.

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