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The other day asked me to comment on what I liked about the beauty industry. After thinking for a moment, I realized that what excites me is constant innovation. I think that as consumers of beauty we have become more knowledgeable and demanding and as a result, the industry has to keep up. Here, indeed in aging, which are always trying to hunt the latest innovation and here are some high-tech advances that I could try.


Extracts from two plants, gotu kola and Siegesbeckia, combine to form Darutoside. It is an anti-inflammatory and skin repairer and even stated that stretch marks disappear. I have not found any independent research on the latter, but it is not evidence that Siegesbeckia inhibit inflammatory mediators. You’ll find it in Deciem Hylamide subQ Eyes ($ 35 in store) and Elena Rubin Remedy ($ 119 in store)

polyglucuronic acid

is hard to believe that the polyglucuronic acid was unknown to science until the 1990s they are isolated from the complex, such as cell walls green algae. It noted for the biosynthesis of collagen and skin firming ( source ), which is being considered as the long-awaited antidote to cellulite. It is still hard to find in cosmetics, it is one to keep on your radar. Deciem included it in its very high tech NIOD split Eye Concentrate ($ 68 in store)

cell culture 3D

Most extracts in our potions and lotions have been grown in a laboratory somewhere. Imagine cells in a petri dish grouped into two dimensions and hence with limited communication between them. “. Attachments nonnatural cells” Even worse, the cells in a dish begin sticking to the plastic and form 3D cells are cultured while suspended in a cylinder – a technique invented by NASA for the cells could grow properly and communicate more effectively. Rejuvel used the technique of stem cells used in green tea 3D Microgravity Cell Renewal Cream ($ 149 in the store).

gamba sage

The scientists won the Nobel Prize a couple of years to work on how telomeres are critical for aging. Telomeres allow cells to distinguish chromosome ends of broken DNA. If the DNA is broken there are two options after the cell cycle stops: repair or death. Telomeres shorten each time a cell divides. When they become too short, cells trigger crisis and cell death. So far, there have only been a couple of active ingredients that are supposed to stabilize telomeres. Now there is one that can actually lengthen.

gamba sage (salvia haenkei) is part of the family of sage and has flame colored flowers. Supposedly, it can delay cellular aging due to their ability to lengthen telomeres. This extract is the ingredient of the firm Bottega Organica. Even they grow on their own farms in upstate New York. Output Night Renewal ($ 165 in store), serum Bottega Organica Multi-Active Face ($ 88 in store) and Serum Eye ($ 195 at the store).


Anyone who can innovate in the field of sun protection has my vote. SymHelios, offering a unique form of sunscreen. UVB rays are toxic and cause skin damage long term because they cause an amino acid, tryptophan, to form a toxic substance. SymHelios actually protects against this toxin. Look INCI name: Benzylidene Dimethoxydimethylinadanone. I recently met him in Toujours Soleil Anti-Aging Serum For Face & Neck energy ($ 145 in the store).


recently became interested in what happens to our skin when we improve absorption of oxygen. By increasing the oxygen absorption capacity, we can create a perfect environment for the synthesis of ATP (the main source of energy for most cellular and muscle function). Perfluorodecalin is a perfluorocarbon that mimics the ability of blood to transport oxygen to skin cells. It is used in wound healing therapies and to treat acne. I included it in Truth Vitality treatment gel ($ 49 in store) so that it could improve the performance of ultrasound in the Lux Renew to carry oxygen to the skin cells. You can also find it in and Elena Rubin Remedy ($ 119 in the store).


Dr. Dennis Gross told me about the importance of chelators. Most of us are in touch (especially through our tap water) with heavy metals that can be harmful to our skin. Heavy metals include iron, copper, magnesium, zinc and lead. They interact with free radicals, which attack then the collagen fibers in the skin. His harsh effects can also lead to breakouts. ingredients actually chomp chelating these metals and dispose of them. The Pacmen the world of cosmetics are in the form of gluconolactone (also an antioxidant) and trisodium disuccinate ehylenediamine. Output Elena Rubin Incognito ($ 119 in the store). Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Intense Cream ($ 125 at the store) has been formulated around a complex Hydra-Pure Chelating owner.


droopy skin solutions are a Holy Grail. Uplevity is a peptide, tetrapeptide-2. According Lipotec, which is the company that makes Uplevity, the expression of lysyl oxidase fibulin-5 is induced to 1. The latter is a gene that catalyzes the first step in the formation of crosslinks in collagens and elastin . Fibrulin 5 is a protein of the extracellular matrix. Tetrapeptide-2 regulates the expression of genes of Talin, zyxin and integrins, which contribute to improving the “dermal cohesion.” The aim is firmer, he lifted skin. Being relatively rare, its best face has embraced this ingredient and has put front and center of Rising Toner Mist ($ 22 in store) and the recently reformulated Restore Treatment Night Serum ($ 130 in the store).

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