Here's Why Your Bedroom Should Be Cooler Sleeping Environment

Sleep is very important for our health, and it is something we all recognize. A new research study has revealed that sleeping in a cooling chamber could improve welfare. rest colder areas can subtly change the brown fat (a type of fat) in a greater amount of usable energy and metabolic rate, even throughout the day.

Until recently, researchers have found that adults have brown fat in our upper torso, however, during the last couple of years, a small amount of research has shown that there is indeed brown fat cervix and the top of the back in many adults. Brown fat is significant in terms of metabolic function more white fat because the body produces it. Experiments on mice have shown that sugar has to run through the blood stream to ensure that calories are burned to ensure the temperature inside the body is maintained.

A new study published by the American Diabetes Association in July, in collaboration with the National Institute of Health, has investigated the influence of the measured climatic conditions in the rooms where than 5 young men – volunteers slept for several months. Throughout the day, the boys lived their normal lives, however, at night slept at the Institute. all meals, consisting lunch for them to ensure that the correct calorie intake were measured accurately provided. They were covered with sheets of light.

During the initial month, analysts maintain a level of temperature of 24 ° C, considering that the neutral temperature certainly not create bodily responses. The following month, reduced the level of temperature at 19 ° C, taking into consideration would promote, in small amounts, brown adipose tissue (not yet induces trembling, which is a normal response levels lower temperature). The following month, the temperature rose to 24 ° C to ensure that the cold was eliminated from every room. At the end of last month increased the level of temperature up to 27 ° C. blood sugar, insulin levels and calorie intake were followed throughout the experiment, and also after each month, the amount is calibrated brown adipose tissue.

The research showed that the cold temperature had significantly changed their bodies. The most surprising fact was that after sleeping in a temperature of 19 ° C, the volume of brown adipose tissue in young men had doubled. His insulin sensitivity was better under the influence of a change in blood sugar. Francesco S. Celi, one of the research and professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, says that although it was minor changes, which are significant. These are the healthy young men, but the very fact of sleep in a cold room, which obtained metabolic benefits compared to others. Over time, these benefits can reduce your risk of diabetes and other metabolic problems. They also lost a lot of calories during sleep. Metabolic improvements had disappeared after sleeping at a temperature of 27 ° C. In fact, they had even less than during the first scan.


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