Here’s What Happens When You Tap These Points On Your Body

If you touch specific points on the body, can relieve pain, relieve stress, and even lose some weight. This is an easy technique, self-help that can be done almost anywhere in moments of anxiety or mild pain.

The science behind this tapping technique is twofold. One is that you are doing acupressure on his body and the other is being used a technique of self-help psychology to express their problems.



Start saying what causes stress. For example, if you are concerned about a wedding, say aloud “Although planning a wedding, I love and accept myself.” By saying your problem and encouraging statement, touch the fleshy outer edge of the hand below the pinky finger of the other hand. Suppose extract 3 times aloud while doing this tapping.

  1. CEJA touching

Place your fingers on the inside edge of any of the eyebrows, and tap the place while at the same time talk honestly about your feelings. You can say, for example, “I’m stressed for the next wedding.” Click on each of the following points for 10 seconds.

  1. TAP THE EYE outside corner

Place your fingers under your eyebrow hair outside the outer corner of the eye. While doing this, which can be in either eye, they say their feelings, like “I’m concerned because it could forget something for the preparation of the wedding.”


Use your fingers to tap the bone under her and once again speak honestly how you feel. For example, “I’m tired.” Tap for 10 seconds.

  1. Touch the point below its NOSE

While playing the point below the nose and above his lips, to express their feelings better, such as: . “I’m afraid people will laugh at me”

  1. TAP your chin

Tap the point below his lower lip in the crease of the chin for ten seconds, and again say aloud how you feel. For example, “Will it be good enough?”

  1. TAP clavicle

Tap the collarbone on either side of your body for 10 seconds. This may say something different that feels like, “I do not have enough time.”

  1. touch under HIS ARM

Touch 2 inches below the armpit and say their feelings, such as :. “I’m very concerned”

  1. TAP crown of your head

Tap the crown of the head with your fingers and say your feelings about the reasons for your stress.

  1. take a deep breath and exhale

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