here’s what happened when i started drinking turmeric golden milk every night before bed…!

Remember a routine childhood after which you slept so soundly like a baby: a story of the night, a cup of hot milk with honey and you parents getting into bed with a kiss

We would like to share a recipe nightcap? which it has a strong yet soothing and relaxing effect on your body and is simultaneously filled with a variety of healthy substances.

“milk gold” as it is popularly called, is a mixture of turmeric, coconut milk, ginger and black pepper. Raw honey can be added to it to him for more sweetness and additional health benefits.

This potion incredibly delicious, aromatic and warming erase any trace of anxiety and accumulated during the day stress with its calming effect, allowing you to fall asleep.

But that’s not all: while at rest, the magical drink substances continue to detoxify, restore and replenish every system of your body. If you incorporate into your daily routine, you will definitely reap the amazing benefits over time. Why we recommend this particular drink? We’ll see.

What will win the gold drinking milk?

Turmeric is one of its main ingredients.

If there is a spice that should be the staple in the kitchen of each person, it is undoubtedly turmeric.

This plant gold seems to be more valuable than gold when it comes to the amount of medicinal activities offered. It is also probably one of the most studied plants in the world.

More than 8,000 evidence-based studies have only confirmed what ancient civilizations discovered centuries ago :. Turmeric has valuable properties covering almost all health problems that a person may have

Its main bioactive compound, curcumin, has more than 150 medicinal properties. It is one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory agents. Inflammation is the basis of many chronic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, stroke, diabetes, migraines, thyroid disorders, obesity, and even cancer.

Scientific research has discovered that curcumin is able to hinder inflammatory passages and efficient counter the release of a protein that triggers inflammation and pain.

Curcumin has also been found in

  • Act against bacteria and microbes
  • kill cancer cells and prevent tumorigenesis
  • regulate levels of blood sugar and prevent diabetes
  • control cholesterol levels
  • hearth health support
  • promote wound healing
  • stimulate the immune system
  • calm the nervous system and promote cognitive abilities
  • detoxify the liver

turmeric is readily available, inexpensive, which has an irresistible aroma and is easy to include in almost every meal.

What do we gain with coconut milk?

is fatty acids include medium chain that are very healthy for us.

He quickly provide our body and brain with energy, while promoting weight loss, regulation of sugar levels in the blood and protect our cardiovascular system.

Coconut milk splashes precious our system with antioxidants, vitamins C, E and B, and minerals magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus. They boost our immune system, protect against colds, flu and other bacterial infections, support the health of our bones and teeth, and calm the nervous system.

Coconut milk also promotes the absorption of nutrients in our body, including fat soluble turmeric in this drink.

What about ginger?

ginger and empowers intensifies this drink as a kind of wonder, a title that has definitely earned for the array of therapeutic uses. It has the ability scientifically proven to destroy microbes, prevent cancer, relieve pain, calm the digestive system and relieve nausea, promote circulation, reduce high blood pressure, and regulate insulin secretion, among others.

His power in healing respiratory diseases is unparalleled.

Here is how to make turmeric gold Milk for 2 Servings


  • 2 cups coconut milk (or other milk depending on your preference)
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 small piece ginger slices
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper ( this spice is added to significantly improve the consumption of turmeric)
  • raw honey to sweeten optionally
  • * Note :. If you suffer from intestinal ulcers, colitis and other intestinal problems, it is advisable to omit the black pepper


whisk to combine all the ingredients in a pan except honey. Cook over medium heat until bubbles appear on the surface. Reduce heat to low and allow the flavors to blend for about 5 minutes. Then remove the ginger, add honey and stir the mixture.

can also enjoy the drink after getting up in the morning to nourish and energize you, in which case you can also add cinnamon to give an extra boost and sharpen your senses.

Who says healthy food is not delicious? We suggest you try this simple recipe today and it definitely will love the creamy texture and delicious aroma of the drink. Share it with your family and friends so they can enjoy the delicious taste and reap the health benefits too.




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