Here’s What Diseases and Conditions an Onion Can Treat!

onions have been part of our diet for millennia. Usually they are eaten raw or in a salad, but many cultures are using onions to prepare home remedies that can treat numerous diseases and conditions. heres-what-diseases-and-conditions-an-onion-can-treat

onion coatings

coatings onion can help you overcome different conditions. They are excellent against headaches and earaches and nosebleeds or skin ulcers.

To treat headache or earache, put a layer of finely chopped onion in the affected areas. In order to reduce high body temperature, put a layer of onion on the soles of the feet.

For nosebleeds, put the coating on the neck, while the subcutaneous treatment of ulcers requires a layer of onion on the affected area for a few hours.

Onion juice

Finely chop an onion into small pieces, then squeeze the juice through a cloth. Mix the juice with 1 tablespoon honey and consume 2-3 times a day for treatment of lung infections and other respiratory problems. Onion juice can also help regrow hair -. just massage fresh onion juice on the scalp twice a day and its problems is gone

onion juice with a little water is diluted and drink the mixture to treat a persistent cough or destroy intestinal parasites. To treat skin problems, rub some onion juice in the affected areas several times a day.

For the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, drinking a mixture of onion juice and brandy in equal proportions.

cooked onion

To treat frequent urination and ulcers, chop an onion bulb, then mixed with 2 dl. water and a tablespoon of honey. Cook the mixture with a little rosemary, 2 dl. wine and another 2 dl. of water.

baked onion is a great folk remedy against wounds and ulcers.

wash the affected areas first, then put a slice of onion previously baked in butter.

By clotting problems blood, eat a light bulb onion fried in olive oil every day -. Make sure you eat the onion in the afternoon and evening

For inflammation of the ear, put a layer of grilled onions on the ear and keep it until the pain goes away.

For the treatment of various tumors, put a slice of cooked onion on the surface of the affected area.

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