Here’s How To Expand Your Tight Shoes, All You Need To Know Is This Genius Trick

Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes and found they were a bit cramped and uncomfortable?

Expand Your Tight Shoes

If you have, then, no longer have to worry because there’s a trick you can do today to get those good looking shoes fit.

However, you should know that this trick works best for leather shoes, while still going to work well with artificial leather shoes type that still have to try this trick after a while.


  • Get two plastic bags with a zipper as you will need to get that seal.
  • Fill a quarter of the bags with water.
  • put these bags in their shoes and put shoes in a freezer.
  • Water bags must be completely frozen and entering their shoes out of the freezer.
  • Leave shoes at room temperature for about 20 minutes.
  • The ice will melt and once it does take bags shoes and use a hair dryer to dry.

His shoes will be stretched well enough so you can fit your feet in them and be comfortable using them.

Source: healthy Definition

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