know that can be cured varicose veins with help tomatoes


You can do with green and ripe tomatoes.

Treatment of varicose veins with green tomatoes

Wash a couple green tomatoes and cut them into slices or rings . then put nodes varicose veins and capillary network of veins. If necessary, Rewind . Hold tomatoes on these points until you start feel a slight tingling . Remove tomatoes as soon as you start baking and wash with cold water veins . The results should be visible soon. The process should be repeated five times a day , preferably in a row.

Two weeks after this therapy, the nodes in the veins should disappear as well as the swollen veins and the pain felt.

In addition to the green tomatoes, you can use ripe red tomatoes.

The treatment of varicose veins mature red tomatoes

This treatment is similar to the above. ripe tomatoes should be washed, Nasec into slices and place in a painful veins that stand 3-4 hours. Tie them to solve them. After some time you put a new tomato. It is best to carry out this treatment in the afternoon or evening.

The duration of treatment depends from person to person. This treatment can be applied throughout the year in combination therapy with green tomatoes.

A tomato has healing properties of a substance that has properties similar to aspirin. This substance acts as an anticoagulant , thins the blood and improves circulation. In addition, tomatoes contain flavonoids that strengthen the walls of blood vessels .


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