Here’s How Much Sleep You Need According To Your Age

There’s nothing like a good night sleep-and that’s a fact!

regiment proper sleep is necessary in order to establish a routine of healthy lifestyle and remain sound, both emotionally and physically. When the process is interrupted sleep or unbalanced, many health problems can occur, especially related brain.

Today’s article explains everything you need to know about the importance of sleep and how pretty it every night to get.

sleep duration

The average adult usually requires 8 hours of sleep; however, this does not refer to all age groups. For people under 18, more sleep is preferred, while older people should reduce the hours of sleep.

In short, your age determines how much sleep you really need every night- and here is how you will know!

According to a graph, created by the National Sleep Foundation, we can base bedtime hours in our day. Many studies and research approve this chart, and physiologists, sleep experts, anatomists, neurologists, pediatricians, gynecologists and gerontologists follow this pattern as well.

Oversleeping can happen to anyone, as a result of exhaustion, night shifts and, well, life.

However, everyone should avoid oversleeping on a regular basis, as this condition can develop certain health problems. For even better, here are the top 7 problems that can occur if you tend to oversleeping:

  1. Back pain

back pain can be caused by numerous factors, and much sleep is one of them. The intensity and discomfort it brings is often unbearable to live with, and diminishes the quality of life of a person.

If you tend to fall asleep, the muscles weaken and thus the back suffers immensely. To fix this problem, reduce the hours of sleep and try to back exercises instead.

  1. Obesity

When the body is rested, but force you to sleep more time, can accumulate the energy needed inside. A study explains this process.

were given Two groups of volunteers on the same diet and exercise, but your sleep habits a group slept for 10 and the other slept for 8 hours different-. Surprisingly, volunteers in the first group showed more symptoms of obesity and weight gain, those in the second group.

  1. Depression

The lethargy and depression can easily become the final result of both excessive sleep and insomnia. The numbers show that 15% of people dealing with depression have unhealthy sleep routine and this greatly affects your emotional and mental health.

  1. headaches

occasional headaches, but persistent or even migraines can occur as a result of sleep irregular. If you sleep too much, you run the risk of damaging neurotransmitters and cause terrible pain.

  1. Diabetes

Lack of sleep and too much sleep can lead diabetes. If you sleep too much or not enough, the body can not produce glucose, so they are more exposed to suffering type 2 diabetes. In addition, you are at risk of dealing with insulin resistance. A study involving 276 people for six years, found that their daily habits who slept less, showed more restraint diabetes unlike those who had a regiment of regular sleep.

  1. Heart disease

The work of the heart is closely related to the process about sleeping. Incorporating healthy sleep habits, guarantees a healthy heart and vice versa unbalanced sleep can lead to heart diseases.

The Nurses Health Study, which involved more than 72,000 subjects, showed that people who sleep more have higher chances of cardiovascular disease, while people who slept 8 hours a night or less, they showed less of these symptoms.

Avoid excessive sleeping

Create a suitable program for sleep and never deviate from it. Assemble the hours according to their daily obligations and make sure you go to bed-free device at least one hour before bedtime.

Incorporate yoga and meditation in your lifestyle and learn new breathing techniques that will help you fall asleep faster.

To ensure that you are fully awake after incorporation of these hours, shower himself with cold water. Try to find time to exercise and train. Upon awakening, get some exercise easier and during the day you can increase the intensity.

Hydrate with water and other natural energy drinks. lemon water and warm water always do the trick and keep active throughout the day.

Think positive and dedicate yourself to do things you love. Having something that we hope will allow you to wake up happy and eager to greet the day.

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