Here is Why You Should Not Throw Away Pickle Juice

Once eaten jar of pickles, you probably think that water should be poured away. Wrong!

The pickle juice not only serves to maintain the acidity and freshness, but also for several other purposes also useful.

After exercise Drink

acidic liquid stored in the brines are rich in electrolyte so that you can drink without additional accessories after a hard workout.

This will restore some of the important issues that have been lost by sweating. Also, this liquid is an excellent source of potassium, which prevents inflammation of the muscles. You should only remove the garlic and spices that is usually placed in the jar.

vinegar substitutes

juice pickles can be used as a substitute for “sweeter” for vinegar that can liven up various salads greens, potato salad and boiled eggs. The liquid can be added to yogurt and salad dressing or use for basting. In addition, pickle juice can soften the onions and reduce the strong flavor of the onion.

An unusual Cocktail

juice acid can be used in the manufacture of unusual cocktail. You can add in a martini as a substitute for olive juice and olives are often added in the martini. Or you can add in a glass of whiskey, which is one of the most popular trends right now.

Finally, remember that pickle juice is a great hangover cure!


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