Here is how you chase that fall cough away

I I thought he was untouchable, but 4 days ago caught a cold. Instead of running to the pharmacy, I always let the cold take its natural course and help my body heal with hydration, 4000iu vitamin D, vitamin C 1500, magnesium glycinate 350 mg (twice the dose usually take all the days). For a sore throat, I make a cough syrup naturally, which is probably the simplest remedy on this earth to do:

Mix 1/4 cup honey and 1/4 cup cider vinegar Apple.

The mixture was poured into a jar or bottle and seal tightly. Shake well before use. Take 1 tablespoon every four hours.

With the above natural “potion” see improvements in your cold in 2-3 days. This works for me. ?

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