Here Is How This 70-Year-Old Man Naturally Cured His Late Stage Colon Cancer

Old Man Naturally Cured His Late Stage Colon Cancer

Colon cancer may be more prevalent in the population than you think.

Did you know that is the third most common cancer for men and women and the second most likely to cause cancer death in the US? Half of the patients who are diagnosed with colon cancer officially die of cancer, and the other 30% are missing.

In 2011, the number of deaths from colon cancer rose to 70%. Some of the methods to cure patients with colon cancer include surgery, which usually involves removal of the colon and leaves patients carrying an external colostomy bag for the rest of their lives. Others can be treated with chemotherapy, , which may be inconsistent in their results and make patients more discomfort and symptoms before treatment.

However, although these treatments of conventional medicine are more widely accepted as help and can function in some patients, other clinical natural cancer and practitioners have been discovering natural remedies and therapies Cancer. and Chris Wark he was one of them. web place “ Chris beat cancer ” he explains how he managed to beat cancer treatments using only natural remedies.

Refused traditional chemotherapy treatment after feeling he was only putting more poison in his body and could not accept that this might cure his condition. After talking to a naturopathic doctor, Chris began a natural healing diet and beat your cancer.

Colon Cancer Stages

Another case is John Tanzi, who a few days before his 70 ap birthday suffered from a stage much more advanced colon cancer stage IV, in fact.

had given only two to six months of life if he has decided not to carry out chemotherapy was offered. it was decided not to undergo traditional treatment after seeing others suffering from seeing out his last days of pain while on chemotherapy, reducing their quality of life significantly. Instead he decided to investigate other options, how he would live his last months to feel better rather than worse?

And it worked. After consulting a natural doctor, he was instructed to change your diet to exclude all meats, refined sugar and dairy products. This is known as the “ cancer diet “. Then after he began to feel better, found a way to gel encapsulation original four herbs Essiac tea ( Please note that not all of these gels are sold online are legitimate, make sure you check reviews and reports before buying ). He combined gel capsules gelcaps tea with beta-1,3-glucan ( take one for every 50 pounds ) and took every day as directed.

have been reported

Beta-glucans to work as an immuno adjuvant therapy for cancer, especially in Japan, and naturally can be found in shiitake mushrooms as lentinan. lentinan is super anti-cancer which is believed to reduce tumor activity and decrease cancer symptoms.

This is just one example of a natural remedy and treatment program that worked for a cancer patient. However, John recommends that everyone should choose their own holistic and natural remedies based on their experience and health. After recovering from colon cancer John created a Facebook page called “ holistic cancer and health Chat “, where members and guests can ask John questions and other cancer patients questions about natural remedies that have tried. The site also directs patients to reliable websites that sell natural remedies.

By Charlotte H.

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