Here Are The Most Common Causes of Menopausal Weight Gain. This is How to Prevent it!

Women may face some problems when menopause comes along with hormonal imbalances manifested by mood swings, hot flashes etc. Besides this, one of the main problems is weight gain. Every woman wants toned body and weight gain is one of the hardest things to accept.


These bodily changes can occur even if you are consuming a healthy diet and exercise regularly. No matter what they do and even if you give a great effort to stay in shape, they can still gain weight. This could be something

weight gain

menopause is associated with 4 factors that should definitely stop:

  • Stress and emotions
  • Toxins
  • Out of balance hormones
  • Lack of sleep

stress and emotions

Stress can be one of the culprits of many health problems because it leads to high levels of cortisol and adrenal fatigue.

This turns the body into survival mode and cortisol receptors store fat around the abdomen. Stress can trigger cravings for unhealthy foods that lead to weight gain.


The toxins in your body can contribute to weight gain menopause. The food we eat, the environment in which we live and work and the water we drink are full of toxins. Toxins emphasizes the digestive tract and liver, which play an important role in reducing inflammation and maintain the body balance.

Out of balance hormones

One of the main indicators of menopause is hormonal imbalances. During this time, the estrogen levels decrease and storing body fat around the midsection increased in order to maintain estrogen. Another menopausal symptoms are insulin resistance and hypothyroidism, which contribute to increased fat storage.

Poor sleep

Poor sleep is another condition that women face then comes the menopause. This situation is due to hormones out of balance causing night sweats, which affects the quality of sleep.

Here are 5 tips for preventing weight gain of menopause

  1. Reducing stress and emotional problems
  2. Do not overdo escape hunger and strenuous exercise
  3. optimize hormonal balance
  4. Learn to care for your body to recover its own function
  5. Drink filtered water, eat well-balanced diet and stay away from environmental toxins.Source:

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