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HERBTHEORY is a company that produces based in Eastern cultures supplements and research, and they are made with natural ingredients.


His body is full of different organs involved individually, but their performance affects the whole body. Everything from the air you breathe to the food you eat can have an impact on their health, either strengthening or weakening of their body systems, based on the level of toxicity. When it is difficult to find the right balance, your body does not work with the same capacity. Luckily, researchers and aid workers HERBTHEORY to remedy almost any topic.

HERBTHEORY remains a relatively small company, basing their supplements out of practices and research used in traditional Chinese medicine, which is fairly new in the Western world. The company’s goal is to unite the two hemispheres in your medicine, which will help give everyone a better understanding of how to heal the human body. These traditions in Chinese culture are fading quickly, which means that the most effective remedies may soon be lost in history. In trying these remedies, it encourages the continuation of such practices.

HERBTHEORY aims to create natural products, which means that follow some guidelines that are necessary to preserve the integrity of their supplements. Each product you buy is completely non-GMO, vegetarian gluten-free and safe. They also contain no preservatives, soy, or artificial ingredients, which basically means that any can use formulas, regardless of their typical dietary restrictions.

Products by HERBTHEORY

HERBTHEORY comes to finding the supplements you need to keep your balanced life, and to compensate, where it is not. New supplement are available at all times, keep up with the demands of consumers who need help. Here are some of the newest products HERBTHEORY collection.

female fertility

Available for $ 24.95, this supplement is based on the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, approaches to infertility addressing the organs which are generally used to detoxify the body. By taking this supplement regularly, he is able to help correct hormonal problems that often inhibit a woman’s ability to conceive. It forces the kidneys, liver and blood to help rid the body of toxins that stop the process of conception.

Every day, you need to take two capsules with your meals to get the desired help.

hair, skin and nails

Available for $ 21.95, this supplement is designed to help eliminate environmental factors that can cause their hair , skin and nails lose their brightness. In order to keep up with beautiful features externally, it is necessary to cleanse the body and promote healthy circulation. With a healthy circulation, which are able to deliver oxygen throughout the body to revitalize cells, which is seen in the glare of the rest of his body.

To get the results you want, take two capsules with meals during the day. You only need to take the capsules with a single meal.

postnatal Delgado

Available for $ 25.95, this formula helps restore its former self after the birth of his son. They undergo significant changes in their hormones and body, which can make it difficult to achieve the necessary balance and nutrition. Postnatal Delgado helps you recover from the experience, and even helps relieve some weight retention after childbirth you will experience. This retention is causes by a weak metabolism and poor circulation of blood; Postnatal slim helps solve these problems.

As with the previous two supplements, take two capsules with meals during the day. You only need to take the capsules with a single meal.


Available for $ 28.95, this formula helps level the imbalances that are caused by hormones that continue to adjust during menopause . Much of your nervous system and brain are affected by these changes, so it is important that your body gets the nutrients and minerals appropriate to compensate for changes. Specifically, this supplement can help adjust your hormones in a way that reduces hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and insomnia.

With this supplement, you need to take one capsule with one meal each day.

male fertility

Available for $ 24.95, this supplement helps solve a problem that is often pushed aside rather than help women who have fertility problems. Most modern medicine helps keep your liver and kidneys are working properly to help with fertility problems of men, as their performance has a significant effect on sperm count and libido. The formula also helps increase the amount of testosterone in the body, prevent disease by strengthening the immune system, and improve their reproductive health.

This supplement is required to take two capsule dose a day, but the company suggests eating one of your three meals.


Since there are many different options for supplements provided on this website, you can benefit from talking to a customer service agent in HERBTHEORY. You can talk to someone calling 800-880-8765, but the hours of operation is not listed. If you are not able to reach someone by calling this number, you can also send your inquiry to [email protected]~~V.


HERBTHEORY is unlike many supplement companies out there, as they focus on oriental medicine in a Western culture. By introducing these remedies, the company could succeed in maintaining the relevance of Chinese remedies in the world. All available supplements helps to purify the body, which helps each body system to function optimally, which is really the key to fertility, weight loss, and many other topics that Westerners face today .

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