Herbalism Treatment For Asthma That Pharmaceutical Companies Don't Want You To Know!

herbalism asthma treatment is to cure infections in the course of breath that are more frequent in children of kindergarten generation and can be dangerous for adults. Fortunately, herbal medicine has proven success and effectiveness to combat this epidemic.

What is asthma

Pathogens in respiratory movements such as asthma are like any others related to the balance between the ability of the virus to penetrate the disease body and cause disease, and the body’s ability to prevent entry of germs and stop disease progression.
The immune system is constructed from a variety of jobs with different cells. Such as white blood cells to recognize the different viruses and produce a particular antibiotic. So when a person gets frequent contact of the same virus, the immune system produces antibodies that effective disease go away easily. Children who were not exposed to different viruses, for example, children who have just started kindergarten are less likely to fight against these new viruses.
respiratory infections and asthma symptoms are fever, cough, sore throat, colds and more. Although antibiotics can help fight bacteria, but are not able to fight viral infections in the airways and this is where herbal medicine has proven differently.

herbal medicine to treat asthma

One of the advantages of herbal medicine is to strengthen the immune system. medicinal herbs improving the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract develops and grows number of white blood cells. There are also herbal medicine works against allergies, and help reduce phlegm and respiratory tract allergic contractions.

home remedies for asthma

A famous herbal remedy herbal is the use of fennel flower (Nigella sativa – Nigella sativa). This plant is widely well known for Asia and the Mediterranean. Conventional seeds of this plant are used for the prevention and treatment of allergic diseases such as asthma.

The ingredient extracted from the plant called Nigella and can be taken by the drink, prevents attacks in most people with asthma. The summary given to children and adults with good results.
Other research has demonstrated the positive impact of the plant on bronchitis, eczema and other diseases.

The 2008 research was conducted on 29 patients with asthma, patients were divided into groups for the experiment and given the plant extract. A group of patients did not receive the extract for three months, researchers examined the severity of asthma in each group. Outcomes were measured by the seizure frequency, duration of the beep, functional breathing, including the flow rate of air to breathe, the size of the lungs and more.

The tests were carried out after only one month and half without treatment monitoring. Then a group of patients who received Nigella remove the pill for a month and a half and has been examined again.

The situation of the group who had taken the extract of Nigella have vastly improved and inhalation of Ventolin asthma and other materials has decreased significantly over time. The other group did not take the extract did not show any signs of improvement and healing.

The last search was conducted in 2009 examining 84 asthma patients who are between 5-7 years of age, and those who were injured by inflammation pathways breathing. Several measures were examined before and after treatment of Nigella sativa.

The results showed a greater ability to breathe, a significant decrease in the number of breaths per minute, reducing the amount of wheezing, shallow breathing clogged roads and others.
according to the results, medicinal herbs, such as Nigella sativa plant, have demonstrated their ability to cure asthma and other respiratory tract infections without side effects

. * Note: t his article aims to provide information and is not a prescription for medical treatment.

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above information has been examined by a doctor and the main purpose of it is to increase the cultural awareness of herbal and natural treatment. With that said; It is not a substitute for consultation with a medical specialist as the sole guide for exact individual analysis. For more information on the sources that the content above is an extract of favor ( click here ).

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