Her Daughter Wakes Up With Legs Covered In Bruises, The Reason Will Shock You

Little Bo August just four years old, of England, is a real whirlwind and he likes to set the tone when he plays. But, like, his life takes a turn for the worse. In February 2015, got chickenpox and his parents, Julia and Dan at first not suspect anything wrong. But soon after, she realized that her daughter is having trouble walking.


One morning, her daughter wakes up with mysterious bruises all over his legs and even on the soles of his feet. Parents bring their daughter to the hospital immediately. There, Bo diagnosed with the rare disease, “withering purple”.

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This is a fatal acute thrombotic disorder often manifested as blood spots, bruising and skin discoloration as a result of blood clotting, which in the worst case, can lead to death within hours.

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