Help for Autism from Broccoli Sprouts?

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Johns Hopkins Children’s University School of Medicine joined forces to investigate whether a component broccoli sprouts could be beneficial for young men diagnosed with autism.

sulforaphane makes a difference

Scientists administered either a placebo or sulforaphane 40 subjects aged between 13 and 27 years old. Those who were randomized to receive sulforaphane daily for 18 weeks showed significant improvements in social interaction and verbal communication skills. Their levels of repetitive ritualistic behaviors decreased.

The hypothesis is that sulforaphane advantage heat shock response of the body and reduces inflammation.

is not possible to obtain the amounts of sulforaphane used in the study by eating broccoli or cabbage, including broccoli because the researchers used highly concentrated extracts in pill form, far more potent doses than they are available online.

[ Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , line 13 October 2014]

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