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Healthy Kids Inc. is a website helps parents with meal planning healthy to feed the whole family. This is our opinion.

What is Healthy Kids Inc.?

Healthy Kids Inc. is a website helps parents with planning healthy meals to feed the whole family . The program’s goal is to help families choose healthier options that everyone can enjoy. The food selection is extensive and searchable, allowing consumers to find recipes that do not contain gluten, Vegetarian , or nuts. Furthermore, each recipe can be modified to meet the needs of families with allergies. With 300 recipes available, you can potentially make a different dinner almost every night of the year before repeating the recipe, if you want to try them all.

At first glance, Healthy Kids Inc. looks quite similar to other websites meal planning, but the how-to videos and grocery list offered to help distinguish it from other websites available. For full access to all areas of the website, you need to register as a member of a fee. With each registration package, you receive:

· An eBook downloadable titled “3 Steps to overcome their fastidious in 30 days”

· Access to video “knife skills” and ” How to cook “Video series

· access to a weekly podcast that discusses healthy eating on a budget, cooking, gardening, picky eaters, and other topics

· a series videos of three parts describing a “failproof” healthy eating program

· a year full of recipes healthy dinner

· nutritional analysis per meal

· chef Video Tutorial for each dinner meal

· weekly video shows parents how to prepare meals

· customizable shopping list

· customizable calendar eating plan

· lunch, breakfast, gluten-free, vegetarian, and free cube recipes.

How Healthy Kids Inc. I work?

On the website for Healthy Kids Inc., is the option to “see how it works”, which takes you to the meal planner application. Here, a meal plan for up to a year with food default options, like barbecue pulled chicken and corn on the cob or chicken taco pizzas Naan is created.

With each choice of food available on the website, the recipe typed and instructional video, which is useful for parents who are novice cooks or try a recipe for the first time is included.

Using the Dining Plan on Healthy Kids Inc.

The format of the Dining Plan on the website Healthy Kids Inc. is relatively easy to use. It has several dining options on the left side of the screen, with different days of the week on the right side of the screen. To add a meal, click the image and drag it to the designated day. That is the step that most websites meal planning end the planning process, but it is only one step in Healthy Kids Inc.

As click and drag all the elements menu options, the site automatically generates a shopping list for every meal plans. The list is divided into standard categories for easier shopping. The planner even gives the exact measurements of each ingredient, making it easy to determine if you have enough of the ingredient in your home, or if you have to go buy additional ingredients. To remove the ingredient list, simply click on the “x” to the left of element ingredients.

The shopping list is available as a printable version, instead of having to copy the list to a Word document and then print. When you print your shopping list, printing include your diet plan and recipes to be used, which is useful when you want to remember what ingredients for meals are needed.

The only restriction appears to be sharing. In order to have access to recipes, you must be a member. You can not post recipes on the websites of social media, as Healthy Kids Inc. requires a subscription for access. You can access your personalized eating plan on the website, but you can only make changes to the desktop version.

The price of Healthy Kids Inc.

For full access to the benefits of meal planning in Healthy Kids Inc., which are subject to a subscription plan, which can be billed monthly every three months or every year.

The starting price is $ 10 for a monthly plan, which is billed each month until you cancel your membership. The three-month plan is $ 25 / month, which is charged the same date every three months. The annual plan is an annual fee of $ 67, which saves you almost 50% of what would be the rate every month.

Essentially, the more money you save on subscribing to choose a plan that accounts less often. Your credit card or debit card is automatically charged if not canceled before the next billing cycle.

If you want to cancel the program, you can change your billing options in the member profile section, or you can email [email protected] The company offers a money back guarantee for 10 days, but only after the payment has been processed. The owner is so confident in the program that promises to redeem all of your purchase within 5-7 days of the request if it is not satisfied. However, with the wide range of options and easy to use format, it is unlikely to want to cancel the program at any time soon.

Manufacturers Healthy Kids Inc.

The founder of Healthy Kids Inc., Mandy Curry, devised the website with her husband when they were in the middle of trying to maintain your lifestyle , leaving them with little time to plan healthy meals with their children. The program was created for parents and curries, “you need to maximize the little time they had to plan meals.

Mandy can be reach directly [email protected] to answer questions about the plan meals or help with the fight of picky eaters.

healthy Kids Inc. is worth the money?

Given access and the convenience of handling all of your preparation . the food on a website, the subscription price is a fair deal Healthy Kids Inc. is a beneficial site for a busy mother, usually every mother

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