Healthy Habits: How to Work Out on Your Lunch Hour

How to get the best workout during your lunch hour by

I know I’m not the only one who has trouble getting to me same fit an hour before a morning workout. And with family, work and obligations friend almost every night, I just jumped my training plans too often pm. So how I can make the development of a priority with a schedule so busy? My very favorite place to go to the gym is actually noon. I love it as a training lunch breaks a day of busy work. Leave my mind and body refreshing feeling, and it does so I’m not just sitting at a desk all day. I call this my “training mealtime,” but the truth is you really want an hour and 15 minutes to fit into a full sweat sesh. But if you have a job that allows the flexibility of a break for lunch a little longer, it’s so worth it! Here are my tips to squeeze in a workout at lunch …

Choose Wisely training

When working out in his spare time, you can opt for an extra-long yoga class or study preferred that crosses the city. But when you are working on your lunch break, you want something quick, highly effective and well located. Think of it as a workout ‘Power Hour’. Start by assessing the scope gyms or training studies near his office. When you only have an hour or so, you do not want to lose any driving precious time. Many gyms and studios offer slightly shorter training classes versions noon, knowing that most people who attend to hurry to get back to work. You also want to ensure that the study you choose has showers, as you’ll need to get it presentable enough to return to work after!

To recap, here are the three main things to consider in a training study lunchtime:

  • Less than 5 minutes away
  • offers a class of 45 minutes (or machines that can be used on their own time)
  • has showers and a united dressing

The Post-Workout Primp

the most common reason that people avoid working out at lunchtime is concern about returning to the office after training. Nobody wants to look like a sweaty mess in front of her coworkers. But with the right products, I have found that I can get ready for the office again in 15 minutes or less. My routine post-workout involves a quick shower removed with water (do not bother wash your hair ); applying dry shampoo or pull hair in a bun depending on how he got sweaty; using blotting papers or reapply a little dust; and touching my lip gloss and mascara. I also keep a bottle of makeup remover travel size hand just in case my mascara running a bit during class.

When you eat?

Of course eating at your desk is an option, but there is something a little sad about picking a wilted salad while looking at his computer. If I opted for a sesh sweat during a lunch break, usually I’ll take a protein-packed smoothie later. If you are lucky enough to have a gym with a smoothie bar attached, which makes things very easy. Otherwise, I recommend a package of a single serving shake in a bag. Portion of the right amount of frozen fruits, vegetables, protein powder, nut butters, etc, to store in the fridge work. Then, just dump the contents into a blender at work, add some ice and liquid, and yourself a light but filling lunch.

The timeline

I always like to see things as timeline, so I wanted to share a breakdown of every minute of my training lunch:

The ultimate lunch break workout schedule by

What do you think? Are you going to start working on your lunch this year?

I hope you get into the habit like me!

xo Ilana
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