Health Benefits Of Drinking Water After And Before Meal


Since water is the essence of our body and all bodily functions, we must recognize its importance and consumed in the proper dozes, so our body can continue to function smoothly.

The only question is: when is best to drink water before or after the meal

science is unable to give a precise, as different studies show different results response. Instead of choosing, we`ll present you with the benefits of both, drinking water before and after eating.

The benefits of drinking water before meal

  • This can reduce calorie intake: studies show that if a glass of water before eating drinking, consume fewer calories during the meal. Water makes you feel full of toys, so won`t eat much. Water is also a better choice than soft drinks and juices or other drinks full of sugar option.
  • rehydrates the body: When you wake up, the body dehydrates the few hours of sleep, so you need to refill the tank, preferably before breakfast. This way you will feel fresh and full of energy throughout the morning.
  • Clean whole body: Drinking water before breakfast has many health benefits. the accumulated toxins in the blood is removed, cleanses the colon, intestines and stomach, and maintains the balance of the lymphatic system. It also stimulates metabolism and internal organs, to prepare for the next day.

Drinking water after eating

  • Help digestion: According to some doctors, drinking water just after that evil can dilute digestive juices, which can interfere with digestion. But Dr. Michael F. Picco of the Mayo Clinic states that drinking water after a meal can actually help digestion, so that nutrients can be easily absorbed.

As for the myth that cold water can cause cancer or solidify fats and taken immediately after the food- these are just rumors, and there is no scientific evidence to back them up. Health Services at Columbia University and the Mayo Clinic have actually verified these 2 myths as false.

We can only conclude one thing here- hesitate to drink water whenever you want, before or after eating.

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