He Feels Something Hard On His Tongue He He Bites Down On It, What Shoots Out Made Me Cringe!

When most people feel something in the language, trying to get it off by brushing or using your fingers. A man felt something hard on the surface of the tongue, so he tried to use his teeth to get it off. When he bit her, there was something shocking that shot out.

The blow that the man felt was difficult. Most of the time, things inside the body are unpredictable and surprise people, and that’s what happened in this situation. The first thing he did was stick around to see if he could determine what it was that had settled on her tongue.

Shortly after the knot, small stones began firing out he bit. These are called salivary stones, and are fairly common. Although it may have a disgusting appearance, the stones are harmless. However, if the stones are kept in the salivary gland long, then an infection may occur. This could lead to an unpleasant odor in the mouth, and infection can enter the bloodstream. Anyone who sees a small lump that is hard on the tongue or in the mouth should consider seeing a dentist if there is anything stones present.

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