He Beat Cancer: They Gave Him 18 Months Of Life, And He Was Completely Cured With This Recipe!

David Hibit a 33- year old man! – Staffordshire, was diagnosed with cancer of the small intestine, and evaluations were doctors who had only 18 months to live. On the contrary, he healed himself.

Now he is waiting for a happy life with his family, being totally cured of the dreaded disease.

David said to have been fully self-cured benefit from cannabis oil, miraculously, it costs about 50 pounds per gram in local distributors.

He later said that his friends were constantly trying to convince him to try cannabis oil, but he refused. He was not fond of such drug treatments. But when I finally realized that chemotherapy alone was killing him, and had nothing to lose, he decides that it will not reconcile with the fact that he would die.

After some failures in treatments, exhausting chemotherapy and radiotherapy, surgery of the small intestine followed in March 2013, he believes that the only thing that helped him was cannabis.

When he discovered that he was cured of cancer and was in a perfect state of health, he married Heather (26), a girl who was in a relationship for six years.

Although the British Institute for cancer prevention is well aware that patients use cannabis as medicine, no hard evidence of their efficacy and safety.

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