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Hawaii Pharm makes and supplies extracts liquid herbal tinctures and people and businesses throughout the world.

The process of Hawaii Pharm

Hawaii Pharm is very meticulous in the process used to create herbal extracts. First, you start with the best materials. All herbs used to create extracts are organic and ethically. In addition to these requirements, herbs are wild harvested, so they have little negative effect on the environment.

Second, they only use organic and organic alcohol, vegetable glycerin extracts. The only water used for the manufacture of these products is artesian purified water.

Hawaii Pharm is proud to use the classic methods of extraction, all in accordance with current standards for herbal extractions. They are also very careful about when using herbs and plants that are collected. Hawaii Pharm ensures that the plants are at their best, so its restorative properties are at their zenith.

Finally, the extracts Hawaii Pharm offers are not over-processed. In most cases, extracts of crude extract are obtained. This means that are made from the first extraction, so that most of the nutrients and minerals remain in the extract.

Hawaii Pharm products

Hawaii Pharm has hundreds of different herbal extracts of acai Zi Wan, or purple aster. Hawaii products sold Pharm can be divided into two categories, alcohol and herbal extracts liquid nonalcoholic liquid extracts.

While alcohol has long been favored as the best way to extract nutrients from herbal supplements, some people are not comfortable using alcohol or in your body. In this case, the best alternative is glycerin. Unfortunately, not all is glycerin quality.

Glycerin Hawaii Pharm used in extracts without alcohol is a vegetable glycerin, which is also non-GMO and gluten free. This allows those who prefer alcohol extracted not have peace of mind that you are using the best product available on the market today.

Featured Products

Although there are too many products sold by the name Pharm Hawaii offer some highlights worth mentioned. Current highlights are listed below.

– Garlic extract liquid ($ 19.95) – is suggested to use this product to help with circulation or cardiovascular problems. Pharm also suggests that Hawaii is an excellent antiseptic.

– Valeriana liquid extract ($ 19.95) – Hawaii Pharm suggests using this to calm nerves and promote better sleep. You can also treat menstrual pain and irritable bowel syndrome.

– Libidall ($ 29.95) – This mixture of dried roots and bark is believed to be an amazing aphrodisiac. The tips websites that take about half an hour before sexual activity.

– Serenity ($ 29.95) – Another mixture of root extracts, flower and leaf serenity is an extract that promotes relaxation and sleep. It is also used to reduce stress and relieve frustrations.

– Laidy ($ 29.95) – This combination was designed to help women before their menstrual cycle. Taking this extract several times a day, when the symptoms of PMS start helps provide emotional support and physical relief.

– Slimol ($ 29.95) – For those looking for an herbal extract to aid in weight loss, Slimol is the perfect choice. This extract provides energy and increase metabolism while also suppresses appetite.

– Sleepall ($ 29.95) – A combination of flowers and fragrant roots, this extract helps promote sleep health . It works to achieve the dream faster and also increases quality of that sleep . The use of this extract helps awaken more refreshed and energetic users.

– Virustop ($ 29.95) – Especially popular during the winter months on the mainland, this liquid extract mixtures of herbal supplements herbs that are known for their antiviral properties. It helps keep the immune system is compromised, so the flu season is not a problem.

Hawaii Pharm prices

Most products sold in Hawaii Pharm a cost of $ 19.95. There are only a few exceptions to this price, including some of its most potent extracts or tinctures or unique. The most expensive items are sold by Hawaii Pharm $ 29.95. Compared to many other suppliers and manufacturers of herbal supplements, that prices are very cheap.

Shipping and Return Policy Information

All orders placed from Hawaii Pharm sent from Hawaii, usually on the same business day. Most deliveries take 3-5 business days, however, it is not guaranteed. Hawaii Pharm overseas ships to most countries, although there are some exceptions. To check if your country is one of those exceptions, please check their website.

Hawaii Pharm offers a purchase, billing, and the process safe and discreet delivery. It also offers free shipping for orders over $ 35 within the United States.

Hawaii Pharm has a back shaped article on its website for items that have been unopened. Unfortunately, at this time, Hawaii Pharm accepts no open items again. No refund shipping costs.

contact Pharm Hawaii

As suggested by its name, Pharm Hawaii is in Honolulu, Hawaii. Can be contacted at:

Hawaii Pharm LLC
Honolulu, HI 96814

can also be reached by phone, toll-free at 1-88888-92591 + or in a contact form on their website [HawaiiPharm.com]. Hours are 8:00 am-8: 00 pm, Monday through Friday Hawaii Standard Time (HST).

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