Have You Had Problems with Generic Cymbalta (Duloxetine)?

Brand name drugs like Cymbalta have become unaffordable for many patients. That’s why most people generic Cymbalta (duloxetine) are dispensed. We have received complaints that some generic formulations are not up to snuff.

P I have taken Cymbalta for depression and pain. The generic has given me simply does not help me, so I’ve been looking for an “authorized generic”, which would be identical to the name of the brand.

A pharmacy refused to order because they said they would lose money. Another looked at me as if asking a unicorn.

My insurance company had no idea what he was talking about. Cymbalta as a brand name is not covered and can not afford the $ 250 monthly would cost out of pocket. Can you help me?

A. authorized generics are identical to brand name products, often manufactured in the same facility. Prasco initially sold an authorized generic version of Cymbalta (duloxetine), but it does not. A spokesman told us that there is currently an authorized generic Cymbalta.

Readers report problems with Generic Cymbalta (duloxetine):

you are not the only visitor to our website that has reported problems with generic Cymbalta (duloxetine). Here are some other stories from readers:

S. wrote about his search for an approved Cymbalta (Duloxetine) Generic:

“I asked my pharmacy a few months on the request for an authorized generic duloxetine. the coach had a “deer in the headlights’ look on his face.

“I have tried two different manufacturers ‘equivalent’ generic Cymbalta and neither are worth the trip to the store. Fortunately, the brand was finally submitted by Eli Lilly after four months of waiting because my income (or lack thereof) qualifies me to get free drugs. I do not know what happened in your program, but Lilly Cares to make someone wait drugs for nearly five months is just a shame. that’s what sent me on my search for an authorized generic in the first place. ”

Alice shared this experience on generic Cymbalta (duloxetine) for pain:

“I have completed three experiments with generic duloxetine, each from a different manufacturer of the medication. All failed to relieve my pain symptoms. However, each time he returned to name Cymbalta brand across trials, pain and stiffness acute neck was controlled within days.

“I then tried an increase in dose to 40 mg and found no difference. I was able to find some relief when I doubled my dose to 60 mg, but the side effects of medication were too much of a concern. Whatever the variations permitted in the production of these generic drugs, it seems to be preventing the active to provide pain relief ingredient in my case.

“My insurance will not cover brand Cymbalta My appeal was denied because.” Generic products are A-rated by the FDA for bioequivalence and therapeutic equivalence to the brand product. A product-weighted produce comparable absorption and blood levels in the branded product and is not expected as a result an increased incidence of adverse effects or sub-therapeutic effects compared to the product brand … “

“a recipe of one month from the brand Cymbalta costs about $ 250, so I’m now doing a test using the brand and generic alternate days to reduce my total cost. I would be very interested in any research on this drug that could void the decision of the FDA “

Judy offered this:.

” I do not know where to turn. I switched from brand name Cymbalta duloxetine made by a company based in India. It had an immediate return of symptoms of depression including suicidal ideation. Many people on the network complained about their lack of effectiveness.

“I contacted the FDA and the Indian company wanted all my supply of pills. I sent you six. I received a new refill of duloxetine company with a number of different lot. I’m already stable, happy and more functional. I think the generic drug company releases the formulation with a smaller amount of effective ingredient just to see if they could get by with it. This latest offering is effective. it Seems like it should be illegal. ”

experience Kristin:

“I’ve been on Cymbalta for the past four years I’ve been too afraid of suicidal thoughts returning to try to go. out of this drug. I lost my job and insurance and costs $ 250.00 to get 30 capsules!

“I can not afford it and I have not had for 4 days and I’m barely able to work much less work. The withdrawal began at 24 hours against drugs and has gotten progressively worse. I have severe dizziness, headache, brain zapping that feel like the rays down the arms and hands. My hands are tingling and oversensitive. My GI tract is in hyper drive and my appetite is way down. I am also cranky and very sensitive.

“What the H # ** !!!’m an RN. How can I take care of my patients like this? Because of the cost of the drug that there is not even to wean yourself off it to me . HELP “

brand Drugs Canada:

If you buy Cymbalta brand a legitimate Canadian pharmacy, the cost could be about a third of what the US For more information on authorized generics and reliable Canadian pharmacies, you may want to read the newly revisada- Guide to saving money on medicines send them. This 20-page guide is available for download at PeoplesPharmacy.com for $ 2.99.

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