Half a liter of beer a day stimulates circulation and protects the heart

Half a liter of beer a day can improve heart health because it makes the most flexible and stimulates circulation, arteries showed the research conducted by the University Harkopio Greek.

According to this study, moderate consumption of beer is very beneficial for the body and the impact on improving the circulation of blood is visible and for three hours . Evidence suggests that eating a half liter of beer a day reduces the risk of heart attack by a third, soft drinks and beer have no such impact on the body.

scientists proved that improved blood flow to the heart, according to the stiffness of the aorta was done after drinking beer more flexible. They believe that the good influence of beer in the bloodstream is attributed to a combination of antioxidants and alcohol, and stouts have a better impact than light.

However, scientists say, then do not exaggerate the pinch of alcohol a day, because in that case has the opposite impact on health and contributes to the development of various diseases.

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