Hair How-To: The 3-Minute Laptop Loop

The 3-Minute Laptop Loop by

Lauren Conrad Hello readers! It is Maritza Buelvas of beauty bloggers here today sharing an easy and elegant hairstyle perfect for all our girls working there. This I call updo “portable loop.” It only takes three minutes and leaves you with a perfectly polished look. Here’s how to restore it …

As we prepare for a new production year, this relaxed hairstyle could not be more perfect for our haste in 2016 in a new and fresh way. Intro: the no-no-Loop Portable tutorial my go-to ‘have not created for the girl-on-the-go. I love that you can easily do this in your desk (above your laptop), or when directed at the door shut. This soft romantic style is perfect for sweater weather, it will take you to the evening celebrations with ease after the work day is done. Take a look at the tutorial below and be sure to let me know in the comments below if you are going to try out this week. I know you’ll love it!

How to get the loop laptop:

ow To Get The Laptop Loop by

you will need:


1. spray lightly sprayed root weight throughout the hair. I love No Dry texture finish double to take his mother Spray for the volume and texture.

The 3 Product Laptop Loop Tutorial

2. Create two loose braids cord (pigtail style). Beauty Tip :. It chooses a braid rope moves quickly when you are in a hurry because you will have less time than a traditional braid

Create a gorgeous hairstyle using two loops braids via

3. Next, a loop of braid on the other (as I have done here) and pin up both braids. Crosses pins for the hair it stays all day.

Create the Laptop Loop hairstyle following these easy steps.

The Laptop Loop via

The Laptop Loop pinned to perfection.

4. Allow the parts of the front frame for your face effortlessly chic style . This style works especially well on hair in layers.

An effortlessly chic hairstyle is on today.

And there you have it! Pretty easy, right?

What is your departure the hair when you’re on the road?

Let us know in the comments! And a big thanks to Maritza share another of his amazing tutorials!

XO LC team

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Credits: hair, Story and Set Styling: Maritza Buelvas of beauty For Bloggers
Photo: Jennifer Coffey
model Bella Wholey
Location: beauty For Bloggers Study
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