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Hair Basics is a company that manufactures products that preserve health, strength and length their hair. This is our opinion.

What is essential hair?

Hair Essentials has to do with helping get the full and long hair you’ve always wanted, but may have not been able to achieve. Maintaining your hair can be a challenge, regardless of the amount of time you put in your hair care routine. If you have short hair, you can buy products less frequently, but the lack of proper nutrition is more evident. Long hair is difficult to protect, as well as the longer hairs often have experienced abuse the chemical and environmental changes. If you want to keep your hair healthy and strong, you have to try some of the products offered by Hair Essentials.

Hair Essentials was founded in 2001. The company started with a single supplement, which soon won awards for its effectiveness in hair health. Today, there is a full selection of products to meet the needs of consumers every day.

Fundamentals of hair thrives on the desire of resources created for hair care with natural ingredients. With different herbs and nutrients, the company uses the healing properties offered by Mother Nature instead of chemicals “cure” offered in other schemes.

Along with the ability to purchase products on the website, there is also the option to learn more about the needs of your hair and ways you can improve your hair. Hair Essentials database maintains a constant growth of the most common questions consumers have about taking hair care .

Essential Hair Products

The Essential Hair products are as effective as they are from the quality ingredients used in each formula. The specific ingredients for each product is pre-tested for purity and potency, ensuring that their product is effective.

All products follow the guidelines established by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure that they meet, or exceed, the standards of the FDA. After the products are made, which again they are tested to ensure they have adequate power level, before they are offered to the public. All products are:

  • FDA OTC Registered
  • QAI Certified Organic
  • Certified Kosher
  • Certificate Halal
  • cGMP certified NSF
  • Licensing Health Canada approved Site

the line Essential hair products is relatively limited, which makes it easy for the consumer to determine which product they want to try . There are packages available for some products, which can save up to 40% on your purchase. These are the fundamentals of hair products offered to consumers.

Fundamentals of hair to hair growth

Fundamentals of hair to hair growth is available as an oral supplement, which is supposed to be able to give you stronger and longer hair. The formula is designed to DHT balance , which is a naturally occurring hormone in men and women. In doing so, the hair follicles are able to stay healthy and continue to grow long and beautiful hair. The current price of this product is $ 39.99.

Essential Nourishing Hair Oil

Essential Oil Nourishing Hair is designed to be applied directly to the roots, and massaging the scalp. The oil helps to moisturize the scalp and hair, making your hair stronger. Some people prefer to treat your hair problems topically, and this is how the hair oil serves its purpose. The current price of this product is $ 29.99.

Fo-Ti Root

Fo-Ti Root is a liquid that is taken orally for the day, and is considered one of largest Chinese tonic herbs. The benefits are not limited to hair strength and growth; It is well known for its ability to treat other conditions such as back pain and decreased energy. It is currently priced at $ 23.95. You can also buy Fo-Ti root hair Fundamentals for hair growth $ 63.94.

Biotin 5000

Biotin 5000 is another oral supplement, and its main objective in hair care is to help the production and use of amino acids. Amino acids are essential to healthy cells, and cells including hair follicles. Just take one or two capsules a day, which means that this bottle should last at least 45 days before you need another. Biotin 5000 currently costs $ 11.99.

PURE shampoo and / or conditioner

PURE Shampoo and Conditioner can be sold together or separately. As a couple, unscented version costs $ 43.98 compared to $ 22.99 each. The couple is also available with a scene citrus $ 45.98 as a pair, or $ 23.99 each separately. The mixture of citrus actually has detoxifying properties, so it is the perfect formula for promoting a healthy scalp.

Program Basics Hair

If you can not decide between all the amazing and effective products Hair Basics has to offer, you can invest $ 250 in the set of values. This set includes:

  • Three bottles Fundamentals hair Hair Growth
  • Three bottles of Fo-Ti Root
  • Two bottles nutrient essential oil hair

please Essential contact for hair

Whenever you have questions about an order or a product, has many methods of communication with representatives Essential For the hair. The easiest method of communication is via phone. You can either call or direct number at (604) 733-2470 or toll free (800) 536-9353. The customer service line is open every day except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

can also send an email, if you call outside normal hours of operation. For email correspondence, send your message to [email protected]

If you need to contact the company by mail, can send a letter to the US or Canadian address. The direction of the United States is:

Natural Wellbeing Distribution Inc
438 Westridge Parkway,
Building 100
McDonough, GA, 30253


Fundamentals of hair has several different products, most of which achieve the same result – stronger, longer hair. You have several options as to the form of administration (topical oil, oral supplement, etc.), but basically Fundamentals of hair makes it possible to have beautiful hair at any age or sex.

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