Habits and the Science of Change Class

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from the good.” Benjamin Franklin

The hardest part of change is not making the same decisions that made the day before, and consciously direct your thoughts until it forms a new path.

Science change in the brain

  • Cells are constantly receiving information constantly and replicate. If we are constantly feeding cortisol, anxiety, etc that have replicated more receptors that emotion, so that their brain signals received over.
  • When performing a repeated action, or feel a repeated emotion, it becomes a habitability when it does the habit he has learned, the brain produces dopamine and serotonin and endorphins, which make it hard not to.
  • In other words if you care at all times, and has become a habit, even though they do not want to do, your brain automatically takes this path because it is the most familiar and thinks that it is the state right to be in.
  • Same with any bad habit or addiction. When it does, serotonin and dopamine and endorphins, that make it hard not to occur. As checking your phone all the time, for example.
  • Stopping a habit or way of thinking, which will pass through some phase transition and its cells are literally retire because they are not being given what they are accustomed.
  • The great news is when you start to do something just beginning your brain to create new neural connections receivers and new sites!
  • However, the feeling of this happening makes people fired up. When you feel the removal of cells, which assign a meaning to that feeling of “this is uncomfortable, this is difficult” or “this does not feel good, bad try again,”
  • resistance feeling is the best sign that something BIG is happening. You must assign a positive message that sense of resistance and becomes unstoppable because he knows that in a short time, your brain will be completely rewired.
  • This gives relief people know what is really going on what they can expect, and know that they are not weak or lacking willpower, are not more than rewiring the brain, and the feeling of withdrawal is real, but it will disappear.

Habit Lifestyle

In programming habits, can be ways of thinking or actions. Choosing the type of person you want to be, and the wire in the minds and actions that align with that.

We can cultivate and grow significantly in any area, but we have to unite or integrate it into our biology.

Habits are things we do without thinking about it. Your brain is always looking to be more efficient. It is trying to put as many things as possible an autopilot. Unfortunately, many mindsets that are on autopilot for us, are not in our favor.

Cultivar any trait or habit who want, need intense focus and repetition. Very often we can get ahead of ourselves, wanting to change several things about ourselves at once. Unfortunately, our brains do not work that way, and this usually results in stress, exhaustion, and the abortive mission.

Vision and Clarity

A prosperous life is largely determined by the extent that there is a clear vision, habits and intentions for this commitment. Your body and your subconscious mind ( subconscious read about here first ) focuses strongly emotional energy to create thoughts, ideas and actions that align with your vision.

If it is not established that the vision and goal should be shooting aimlessly through life.

Have you set your intentions and vision of what you want to be, how you feel, what your purpose, what you want to achieve in life, or how you want others feel about you? If you have not set these, the intentions of the world for us to take over, and usually are not the giver of life, including “to prove himself to others” or “to make sure no one upset or angry “” stay safe and comfortable “- these could be driving unbeknownst


To affect change, you must obtain the cooperation of your subconscious. a vision to energize your body and mind and focus the direction of change is needed.

Your energy flows where it has the greatest clarity. Without clearly-your energy will be all excited place- one day, she lost the next.

Neuroplasticity: scientific discovery proving that we can physically change our brain through ourthoughts and choices. We can create new neural connections and physically destroy old. We can wireout toxic beliefs, experiences and patterns of thought and wire truths, good habits and thought patterns pending.

This is surprising news because we can become free of thought, toxic habits, past experiences, and beliefs. By changing the way we think and change the actions that you do every day, you can replace your brain, and change your life.

is intentionally been living every day, but eventually- becomes part of their identity-and do it becomes more difficult the choice to do so, as recorded in his brain.

Whoever wants to be, what you want to do, you can program in their biology so it becomes a part of what you naturally without thinking about it.


  1. How do you want to feel
  2. How do you want others to feel around
  3. How to search
  4. What is to be achieved


  • What habits do you need to make these things happen?

About 101

How to start making a habit:

Will Power:

  • The biggest factor in successfully happiness – productivity
  • only has a certain amount of willpower, by day- means of social communication options, changing your constant attention from one thing to the next drain it all. The more you have to think, the decision to work or eat healthy or be present- the more your willpower becomes so at the end of the day- to be exhausted- not make the best decisions
  • The goal is to create habits so you do not have to use willpower.
  • Use your willpower to create habits!
  • put so much on autopilot as possible by creating daily routines.
  • Minimize do things that drain your willpower.

1. Fundamentals First Master Physiology

2. Choose your habit of Keystone

  • Choose a habit that if mastered, would have the greatest impact on your life. What is one thing you can do to change most areas of your life.
  • What is one thing you could probably stop doing that would significantly change his life. Stop to replace it with something else.

3. What is your why

  • Why are you making positive decisions they are doing? – Focus on that and you will be able to handle any tough times that come with making the change
  • .

  • When the desire to surrender, back to her why you feel.

4. Make 100% commitment

  • make it not negotiable- not 99.5
  • 100% is not easy 99.5%
  • Remove the negotiation

5. Do it daily

  • needs to be done daily for a period of time

6. Embrace the process!

  • assumes a new way of thinking or habit goes through 3 phases:
  • first 10 days seem unbearable, questioning his decision to take on
  • next 10 days seem just uncomfortable
  • unstoppable- last ten days seem to begin to see the benefits.
  • Go ahead despite feelings at the beginning, they really are becoming an amazing person, who has an incredible sole purpose can achieve, even if you do not feel like it.

7. Set triggers

  • Without daily triggers, our well-intentioned desires seem to disappear in the midst of daily activities.
  • establish some sort of trigger that will be used throughout the day that reminds you of your goal and what you want to focus on.
  • Examples:
    • Set a timer on your phone that comes 3 times a day that reminds you to stop and remember your goal and what you are achieving.
    • Every time you get in the car or walk through a door-remember her why.

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