Gynecologists WARN: Never Ignore These 6 Menstrual Problems!



Every woman has to be aware that you should not ignore the symptoms of irregular menstrual cycles. Sometimes jumping cycles, reduced or excessive bleeding may be signs of a serious problem.

pay attention to these six menstrual problems that can not be overlooked:

  1. A sudden intense cramps

If you have these cramps, which may be suffering from endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition in which the cells grow in the uterus begin to grow from the outer wall of the uterus. That’s why they feel bad and have a lot of pain. Mature women diagnosed with this problem, usually had painful period when they were younger.

  1. The absence of menstruation

omitted two or more cycles, can be pkazatelji following problems :. Hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, premature menopause, stress, excessive exercise or diet

  1. Heavy bleeding

If you are taking birth control pills, heavy bleeding between cycles is normal. However, you should consult a doctor. You may have cysts in the ovaries and the presence of cancer cells.

  1. The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome unbearable

If you feel abnormal desire for food, great anxiety, depression, mood swings, loss of control, you may suffer from premenstrual dysphoric disorder. This condition is much worse than PMS classics.

  1. The bleeding and cycles that last longer than 10 days

If you change the cartridge every time means you have excessive bleeding. This condition may indicate a number of problems such as fibroids, which can cause anemia.

  1. insubordinate hormones

is not by chance that women who suffer from asthma, they feel very bad week before the cycle. premenstrual magnification is a phenomenon in which conditions such as diabetes, arthritis or depression, become burning during the period. Consult a doctor about your condition and medications to help.

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