Gynecologists Alert: Never Ignore These 6 Menstrual Problems!



All women should be aware that any irregular symptom referred to the menstrual cycle should not be ignored. If you have skipped cycle, it reduces or excessive bleeding can be a sign of a serious problem. Therefore it is necessary to visit a gynecologist immediately.

sudden and intense cramps

If you experience excruciating pain caused by cramping, you may suffer from endometriosis. That is the condition in which cells growing inside the uterus begin to grow from the outer wall of the uterus and that’s the reason why you have bad and abnormal pain.

mostly women who were diagnosed with this condition usually have painful menstruation time when they were younger.

In the absence of menstruation

Two or more free menstrual cycles may indicate few, not very good things. Hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, premature menopause, stress or excessive workouts or diet

In some cases, absent menstruation leads to increased growth of abnormal cells that is possible condition before cancer.

In addition to the usual treatment, the gynecologist should do a blood test to check the level of the hormone, thyroid and tocheck if they have polycystic ovaries.

abnormal bleeding

If you are taking birth control pills, abnormal bleeding between two cycles can be completely normal. Still, you have to visit a doctor. You may have ovarian cysts, fibroids or pre -. Cancer cells

The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome unbearable

If you experience symptoms such as anxiety without food control, changes in mood, depression, great anxiety, anger and loss of self-control, no possibility that you suffer from disorder premenstrual dysphoric. This condition is incomparably worse than the classic premenstrual syndrome.

These symptoms are usually very unpleasant, but antidepressants make big difference.

Excessive bleeding or cycle that lasts more than 10 days

If you change your template every time, that means you have excessive bleeding.

This condition may indicate various medical conditions, such as fibroids or polyps that can cause anemia problems. Note that this type of condition requires urgent medical intervention.

hormones “Distressed”

For those women who suffer from asthma, and feel very bad a week before your cycle, you should know that it is not a coincidence.

premenstrual magnification is a phenomenon where conditions such as diabetes, depression and arthritis become much worse during that period.

it is necessary to consult with your doctor about certain medications that you should take before your cycle. That will help you feel better.

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