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There are several hundreds of reasons why people are not resolved. There are even more excuses why people started exercising, but then stopped. While some of these excuses are real problems, such as not having enough time, there is an excuse that seems to come from a lot that can no longer be used.

The excuse for not exercising, because people do not have the support is now a thing of the past. It is common that people want to support in the exercise of some form. Whether with friends or family, have someone to help keep pushing can make all the difference in the world. However, one of the best type of support to be to try to achieve fitness goals is trainer .

The coaches take things to a whole new level. They know when to push and when to be encouraging. More importantly, they are professionals, so they know exactly what kind of exercises will help people achieve their goals. Unfortunately, so far, giving a coach personal fitness it was almost impossible for the average person. Until GOQii turned around.

What is GOQii?

GOQii is a system that combines fitness trackers and real applications with coaches. GOQii is a fitness training one-on-one, everything is done through a mobile application. Coaches work with their students to create a fitness program with specific exercises so that users can achieve their fitness goals at the right time.

What makes GOQii so surprising is that it offers all the benefits of having a fitness trainer, but without the terrible cost or inconvenience. Because everything is done through the application, users can get their information or see their objectives whenever they want. However, the best part of a coach is still there. GOQii coaches still push and encourage their users so they can achieve their health goals.

How GOQii works

Starting with GOQii is a very fast process five step. After completing these steps, users can obtain the right to work, so immediately it strives to achieve its objectives.

The first step in creating GOQii is to order a subscription. This will provide the user a follow-up for free, as well as the companion application. This usually is completed very quickly. Once the subscription has been ordered, users can move to the second stage, which is downloading the application. The application is available for iOS and Android operating systems. The application is very easy to use and offers a quick walk so users can understand how it works.

The third step is to set goals. Of course, this will be different for each person. However, this section personal information provided will help coaches get an idea of ​​how the objectives of the users have been fixed. They need information about height, weight and lifestyle, and what the goals of the users are are aiming to achieve and how much time.

Once users have set their goals, they can move on to step four. This could be one of the most important steps in the whole process GOQii. Here, users can choose a coach. While users can change the goals and coaches, at any time, it is important to choose a coach who seems to have the best connection, so the whole process can go smoother. Because coaches are responsible for guiding users towards a better healthier life style, this step is crucial.

Finally, the fifth step is to start using GOQii. Users should review and align data to connect with his coach. This will help keep you on track and keep focused. Also, being on the same page with your coach will give coaches a clear idea of ​​the adjustments to be made to help better achieve the objectives.

The GOQii coaches

personal trainers offer the fastest, easiest and most effective people achieve their fitness goals and improve their health form. This has always been the basis of GOQii. By merging the concept of fitness tracking with scientific evidence behind the effectiveness of a personal trainer, GOQii was able to make one of the most sustainable and high quality available in the world of fitness today systems.

While the whole concept of GOQii is recognized immediately as an amazing idea, would have no success that is currently done, if it were not for his incredible coaches. These coaches are the driving force behind GOQii, which is one of the reasons why we take great care in deciding coaching for them.

There are several levels of selection personal trainers when it comes to signing work for GOQii. First, GOQii only work with coaches who are certified professional health and / or fitness. They must demonstrate that they have a long history of success when it comes to personal fitness industry. Even before they are moved to the next level, these candidates will be examined by GOQii Advisory Council of Experts. Only after this point they will get to work with GOQii.

What makes GOQii coaches so surprising is that they specialize in a wide variety of topics. GOQii offers coaches who specialize in sports nutrition, exercise or fat loss. However, it also has GOQii specialists in more specific niches, such as women’s health, stress management and conscientiousness.

By offering some of the best coaches in the industry in a convenient, efficient platform, GOQii has been able to change the world of fitness.

Shopping GOQii

Currently, GOQii is not available to the general public. It has a waiting list available for those who want to register now and get updated on the progress information and other information about GOQii.

While GOQii is not available to the general public, is in beta testing. People who join the waiting list may be offered a period of beta testing, which would give them a first look at GOQii, up close and personal.

Those who are on the waiting list will also receive exclusive offers that are only available before launch. And because GOQii is deeply concerned about privacy, they do not require future purchase or any kind of commitment to join the waiting list. It’s just an amazing and simple way to keep abreast of the amazing advances GOQii being done to change the world of fitness.

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